Patriots Issues? Rank 'em

Derek Havens
January 20, 2011 at 06:44pm ET

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As the Patriots off - season begins, everyone seems to have their own opinion (as they should) of what the Patriots "needs" are as the team evaluates the roster in the coming months. Even with a 14 - 2 record, this team still has holes along with the other 31 NFL clubs. So what positions need upgrading?

In my opinion, the Patriots need to keep investing in their defense. They have spent the last few seasons building a young, talented squad, and now it is time for them to add a few more pieces. I believe the team needs a defensive end to help stop the run and most importantly an outside linebacker to get after the opposing QB. Also, the patriots showed in their last three playoff exits that they cannot protect their most important asset, Tom Brady. The patriots need to resign Logan Mankins and help their interior line. As much I love the combination of Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead, I expect the Pats to bring in a young running back in the draft. Re-establishing a more physical presence in the trenches as well as staying more balanced in the offense with a new running attack should make the Patriots even more deadly.

Whether it is the free agency or the draft, what should this team focus on? Below are a list of needs, rank them in the comments section and share your thoughts! Disagree or agree with what think the team should address? Let me know below!

  • 3-4 OLB (Pass Rusher)

  • Defensive Line

  • Offensive Line

  • Wide Receiver

  • Running Back / Fullback

  • Defensive Backs (Corner or Safety)

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