How Sam Bradford Affects Tom Brady

Derek Havens
July 31, 2010 at 01:24am ET

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As the number one overall pick, Sam Bradford, finally put the pen to paper - Patriots fans can start to envision what Tom Brady's deal could look like.

Among the countless number of questions surrounding the Collective Bargaining Agreement, there is one thing for certain; Tom Brady will be a very rich man when he finally gets a new contract. Several reports have indicated that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have progressed in contract talks in the last few weeks.  Amongst these reports, some sources have noted that Tom Brady's deal could have a five percent escalator in money guaranteed.

Sam Bradford's deal is worth 6 years, 78 million with 50 million guaranteed. There will probably be more speculation and theories regarding Brady's deal now that Bradford has signed but, if I was a betting man I would bet Tom Brady's guaranteed money reaches almost 60 million. With the escalators involved the max contract could value over 1oo million dollars. This news can be seen as both positive and negative across Patriot nation for many reasons.   Negatively this will really hurt the Patriots cap room over the next few years, but on a positive note, I believe a new deal will put this speculation drama and speculation to rest. Also, we can assure that one of the top quarterbacks in the league will be leading our team over the next few years.

Even on a less than stellar year such as the last, he is still one of the elite players in the league. This is all speculation of course, however, now that the number one overall pick has signed, a blueprint has been made for the other elite quarterbacks around the league as they look to move forward on new deals with their teams.