NFL Films today made a press release, revealing a 2 part documentary documenting the life of 3 time Superbowl winning Head Coach, Bill Belichick. It documents his roles as a Coach and a family men, as well as showing him in a whole new light as a person.¬†¬†Considering we have little, if absolutely no input, into Bill Belichick’s personal life and thoughts, this is a must see for all Patriots fans.¬†Belichick agreed to be wired up for the entire 2009 regular season becoming the first coach to ever agree to it.

‚ÄúBill Belichick doesn‚Äôt only make history ‚Äď he studies it; he understands his place in it; and he appreciates our desire to capture it,‚ÄĚ said NFL Films President¬†Steve Sabol. ‚ÄúLike Vince Lombardi‚Äôs Packers in 1967, Belichick and the Patriots gave us access to his football life and what we created is a portrait of the coach, the father, the taskmaster ‚Äď and most importantly ‚Äď the man.‚ÄĚ

The two part series will air on Thursday 15th September at 9pm EST (that’s 2am GMT for my British readers), followed by the second part a week later on Thursday 22nd September, but this time at 10pm EST (3am GMT).

The documentary will track the¬†Patriots’ coach from his off season break in Nantucket, through training camp and all the way to the end of the season, which culminated in a Wildcard defeat to the Baltimore Ravens. There were many highlights to this season; most infamously LateGate, when Randy Moss and others were sent home for arriving late, the¬†fiery¬†relationship between Belichick and Adalius Thomas, on top of the memorable 4th & 2 call against the Colts.

This is a never before seen look into Bill Belichick as a father, a coach and just as a regular every day person as well as a look into how the Patriots’ Way works behind closed doors. The 2009 season marked Belichick’s 35th ¬†consecutive year as a coach int he NFL and the Patriots’ 50th Anniversary as a team. Don’t miss it.

NFL Films Trailer

NFL Films Press Release

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