On Tuesday night, Ty Law was honoured by Kraft and the City of Boston at The Sports Museum’s 10th annual The Tradition Awards; where the Patriots’ own presented the ex-Patriots Cornerback with the football legacy award. After the event, Law spoke withthe Boston Globe and hinted at one day deal with the team, to allow him to retire a New England Patriot.

“… That’s one of the reasons I haven’t officially turned my papers in because I would like to at least say the last contract I sign was with New England,” Law said in an interview with the Globe adding,  ”And that would be an honor if I was able to do that, if Mr. Kraft was to bless me with something like that, that would be the icing on the cake for a 15-year career.”

The 23rd Overall Pick in the ’95 NFL Draft spent ten of those fifteen years  at the Patriots. In that time, he made 4 Pro Bowl appearances, won 3 Superbowl Rings, was twice an All-Pro Selection, was voted to the 2000′s All Decade Team and was part of the Patriots record breaking 2003 offense which made the best passing attacks look mediocre. Many remember him for his 47 yard interception returned for a touchdown during Superbowl 36 and his 2 interceptions of Peyton Manning in the 2003 AFC Championship Game!

However, all these memories are marred by the bitter contract dispute that erupted after the team’s 3rd Championship in 4 years.  The Patriots couldn’t handle the monster salary the player demanded, and released him, whilst Law complained that he couldn’t ‘feed his kids’ off of the apparently ‘petty’ wages the Patriots were offering him. He then went on to play with the team’s divisional rivals, the New York Jets, where he had a career year with ten interceptions, making his 5th Pro Bowl appearance. This led many fans to disown the player that had done so much in helping the Patriots  build the NFL’s last great dynasty. Since his release form them, he played with the Chiefs and the Broncos, returning for one more year at the Jets in between the two.

According to Law he had another opportunity to play after the 2009 season but it “wasn’t the right time.” He added, “I said, ‘It’s time to call it a career,’…but hopefully, I’ll get the opportunity to officially retire as a Patriot. That’s my ultimate goal right now.”

So are you all willing to forgive and forget? Remember the good, and take the bad with a pinch of salt? Kraft seems to be, stating, “To me, he is a Patriot and will always be a Patriot,” and I agree with with him! Words have been said by the two sides in the past but it seems to me like they’ve been forgotten, and so they should. Ty Law did so much for this team and that can’t be forgotten after a petty argument around money. The Patriots aren’t known for giving out their one year deals however, it seems likely after Kraft’s comments on the Cornerback.

I think we should give him the one day deal and let him retire a Patriot, just like the likes of Bruschi and Brown. He is part of what made our Dynasty so great, and I think this would be a great way for all the fans to put aside the ill-feeling, and remember the good times with Law, which brought the team so much success!

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