Recently in an interview with Mike Reiss,  Patriots’ backup QB Brian Hoyer was quoted as saying that the lockout had brought the team closer together.  He then went on to add that the current situation had lead to him to become ‘closer to people’ that he ‘never would hang out with or see outside of football normally’. This is slightly reassuring however, it aggravated something which has been playing on my mind for a while now. It’s great that in these difficult times that the team is bonding and continuing to work towards the 2011 season but…if they can go above and beyond for themselves, why can’t they do it for the fans?

Patriots back-up QB Brian Hoyer says that the lockout has brought he and his teammates closer together. (FILE:Icon/SMI)

Firstly I will let you know my stance on the current lockout situation. I’m as neutral as they come. I get splinters from sitting on the fence so much when it comes to talking about the lockout and you’ll soon have a clear picture as to why.

This whole situation is tainted by two sides who refuse to budge, not willing to compromise; and for what? Their own selfish greed. I can see both sides. I support the players in some aspects whilst I question them in others…as I do with the league. But in this heated argument between the two sides, they have forgotten about the people who truly matter in this; you, me and every other fan who, as the season draws nearer, worry about whether or not we will get to see our Idols take the field come September.

As a British fan I have spent thousands on two trips to see the Pats play, on their merchandise and on my own equipment to pursue the sport as a hobby over here. This money is what makes the NFL the powerhouse that it is. These dollars pay the players. It’s fans like you and me that take the great atmosphere to the games. Without us there is no NFL.

I’m angry with the League for not lifting the lockout but at the end of the day, they are the bosses. The owners pay the wages, the owners should dictate the terms. The Players are lucky to have a representative union and have as much of a say in their game as they do. It is a stark contrast to sports here in the UK where players get very little, if any say, in how League’s like the Premiership are run.

The players need to compromise and allow the league to run as they see fit. The league can then lift the lockout and allow the players to go to work, giving the fans the piece of mind they need going into this 2011 season. I for one have looked at the owners and the players, and feel let down by this whole situation. We repeatedly hear how they have our best interests at heart but in reality, if that was indeed the case, this would have been resolved by now.

So I’d like to reiterate what my good friend Russ Goldman stated in his previous article. Fans need to unite up against the league and the players. Make our voices as loud as possible because they continue to fall on death ears. We as fans have the power to end this. We have been forgotten in all of this and  let down by the people we look up to. The fans make this league the great organisation it is and it should and, with your help, will be the deciding factor in this lockout.

Let’s kick the players and the league in to touch, because they have lost touch with us. Let’s end the lockout.

GOLDMAN: Time for Fans to Unite Regarding The NFL Lockout

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Lockout Brings Pats Players Closer Together....But Have They And The League Lost Touch With The Fans?, 4.3 out of 10 based on 6 ratings