Vince Wilfork Makes A Difference On Draft Night

Christine Roy
April 28, 2013 at 07:40pm ET

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For the past ten years Vince Wilfork has been making a difference on NFL draft night. Together with his wife Bianca, and The Vince Wilfork Foundation, he brings teammates and fans together to raise money for diabetes research. This year's proceeds went mostly to the Joslin Diabetes Center and the Diabetes Research Institute, but 10% of the monies are going to victims of the marathon bombings. The Foundation is also donating all $10 texts through the end of this month to the victims. Wilfork is taking his charity above and beyond what it normally does to make a difference in the city that has supported him throughout his Patriots tenure.

This year's draft night fundraiser saw the biggest turnout of Pats players yet with almost 25 guys in attendance. Among them were Chandler Jones, Steve Gregory and Devin McCourty. It says a lot about this team that players will support each other in their charitable efforts. They take the time to gather off the field to help one another push their foundations to the next level.

Vince Wilfork continues to make a big impact both on and off the field.. (FILE:USPresswire)

Wilfork's foundation is probably one of the better known foundations headed by professional athletes in New England. Ever since 2002, after Wilfork's father passed away from diabetes related complications, he's taken the cause on his back. According to the foundation's website, the tasks and aim of the organization is to "support diabetes research, to support educational and informational activities to increase awareness of causes of diabetes and to support organizations that care for those with diabetes." He does this not only on a local level in Boston, but also in Florida. Together with Bianca, he wants to find a way to help treat and cure those suffering from diabetes.

At a time when diabetes has become a leading disease in America, the Wilfork Foundation is a premier organization that has the ability to attract a lot of people who otherwise might not be supporting the cause. With adoration and support from fans in New England, Wilfork brings a friendly face to a serious issue. He knows first hand the struggles families face and the financial burden diabetes can cause. He's taken it upon himself to do what he can to make a difference.

This year on the 10th anniversary of the event and at a time when the city needed him most, Wilfork and company were able to come through in a big way. In the Boston Herald, it's reported that the foundation's text campaign has raised $10,000 for marathon bombing victims, which they then turned around and matched, and then Wilfork himself contributed an additional $5,000. He's opened up the realm of his foundation to support those who need help immediately. He's taken a big role in raising funds to help those whose lives have been forever changed.

A simple bowling event has turned into much more for the Wilfork Foundation. With each year they continue to raise more money and bring more awareness to diabetes research and treatment. The reason why they've been so successful is because this is a cause that comes from the heart. They may not have expected it to become as big as it has, but together Wilfork and his family have brought a lot of positive change to this ever present disease.