So Far Patriots Coach Bill Belichick Appears Upbeat Heading Into Sunday's Game

Christine Roy
February 01, 2012 at 10:38am ET

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Ordinarily Bill Belichick has about as much personality as a British Royal Guard. You can almost recite his press conferences before they happen. His go-to phrases "all three phases of the game", "we're looking ahead to next week" have become routine.

The Super Bowl is nothing new for Bill Belichick. But this time, he seems to be enjoying himself. (FILE:Icon/SMI)

But on Sunday, something unusual happened. Belichick was...happy. Believe it or not, when he showed up to Lucas Oil Stadium to meet the media, he seemed like he was actually excited to be there. He was happy to see all the media members and answer their questions. It was a rare sight from one of the most stoic men in the NFL.

Is this new found happiness real or is it a distraction technique? These two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl reporters are working every angle imaginable. Writing a column every single day is tough when there's not much news coming from either team. Belichick knows this. The main news has been the health of Rob Gronkowski and whether or not Eli Manning is an elite quarterback. Mix in a little bit of conversation about Peyton Manning's future and that pretty much covers the weeks so far.

But on Sunday all that changed. With one flash of his smile, Belichick changed the focus of the media. At least for a little while. We started thinking, maybe he is human, maybe he is actually excited to be back in the Super Bowl. After all, what he has done as a coach is unbelievable and something to be incredibly proud of. It's about time he soak it in and appreciate it. You never know, this could be the last time he ever sees the Super Bowl lights.

Knowing Belichick, he could have easily planned this. He could have taken one for the team and held the heat of the media. The guys could unpack and settle in knowing they have a little bit of breathing room with a Belichick smile. Many players say he actually is a funny guy but as fans and media members, we only get a snippet of that man.

I'm just saying Belichick knows what he's doing. He knows his attitude sets the tone for his team. He's enjoying this time in Indianapolis but still taking care of business. At least for one day he managed to quiet the rematch conversations and remind us, this is the Super Bowl, it's O.K. to be excited.