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October 21, 2012

Patriots playing it forward, won’t dwell on success

Paul Newberry: Can anything stop Bill Belichick and the Patriots?

Keystone Konfrontation: Unbeaten Steelers at unbeaten Eagles

Jets' Marshall turned off 'disgusting' Texans-Pats game

Texans look to regroup after embarrassing loss to Patriots

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Solid Performance
Jacoby Brissett had a terrific night as the Patriots improved to 3-0 on the season.

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We're on to week seven, and here's a look at each of our picks for this afternoon's home battle against the New York Jets: Staff Predictions:

WEEK 7: New England vs NY Jets

Ian Logue Prediction: NE 38-17
Coming off a tough loss in Seattle last week and battling the hated Jets, it's tough not to feel like they'll come out and play like they have something to prove this afternoon. The Jets defense is in tough shape, but I expect Rex Ryan's bunch to give the Patriots secondary some problems - which has been the case with nearly everyone New England has faced so far this season. However, I think Tom Brady and the offense will put up a lot of points and I like their chances even more primarly because it's at Gillette. I think they win big today.
Offensive Player of the Game: Wes Welker
Defensive Player of the Game: Brandon Spikes

Bob George Prediction: JETS 33-31
The unthinkable. Ryan finds a way to get Sanchez comfortable so he can torch the Patriot secondary and show Belichick that yes, his secondary is really bad and needs retooled. What will Tebow provide? He'll do something, maybe one thing, which will leave a major imprint on this game. Game close only because Brady doesn't have to worry about Revis. What might help the Patriots is if they play McCourty at safety and somehow he solidifies the deep middle and provides help for Moore and Arrington that Wilson and Chung cannot.
Offensive Player of the Game: Tom "Too bad he cannot play defense" Brady
Defensive Player of the Game: Devin "Gotta pick someone" McCourty

Derek Havens Prediction: NE 27-16
After a rocky start to the season, the Patriots return home to take control of the division with a win against the rival New York Jets.
Offensive Player of the Game: Stevan Ridley
Defensive Player of the Game: Devin McCourty

Russ Goldman Prediction: NE 24-17
I think this game will be a struggle for the Patriots and a closer game than most people might think. I feel eventually Tom Brady will take advantage of the Jets secondary in the second half and lead the Patriots to a 24-17 victory.
Offensive Player of the Game: Stevan Ridley
Defensive Player of the Game: Chandler Jones

Steve Balestrieri Prediction: NE 37-13
Patriots win 28-17, but I think the running game will be key in this one.
Offensive Player of the Game: Stevan Ridley
Defensive Player of the Game: Devin McCourty

Christine Roy Prediction: NE 31-17
The Patriots will dominate the Jets on Sunday. They will most certainly be riding on an emotional wave as they redeem themselves from a lackluster loss last week. The secondary has a lot to prove and has been feeling the heat this week. It will be interesting to see what kinds of adjustments have been made in practice and how the Jets handle their offense to try to take advantage of a weakness on the Patriots defense. I expect the front seven to get after Mark Sanchez often and Tom Brady to make up for his poorly thrown passes with a focused offense that is able to convert on every opportunity.
Offensive Player of the Game: Logan Mankins
Defensive Player of the Game: Chandler Jones

Ryan Hannable Prediction: NE 31-14
This is a statement game for the Patriots coming off of their disappointing loss last week. The Jets are a mess and really shouldn't pose any threat to the Patriots at all in this game. I like the Patriots by at least two possessions with Tom Brady having his best game of the year.
Offensive Player of the Game: Tom Brady
Defensive Player of the Game: Chandler Jones

John Morgan Prediction: NE 31-20
In a nutshell for the Jets to win they need to be patient on offense and exploit a mediocre Pats secondary, while getting some big plays (turnovers) on defense and special teams. For the Pats to emerge victorious on offense they need to stay balanced and take what the Jets give them; use the run to set up play action passes and use the passing game to keep the Jets from selling out to stop the run. Obviously anything can happen, but I think the likelihood of a Jets victory is somewhere between slim and none; the Patriots will be fired up, focused, and have a huge chip on their shoulder after last week's game.
Offensive Player of the Game: Stevan Ridley
Defensive Player of the Game: Brandon Spikes

Dave King Prediction: NE 42-10
This game shows it's face very early on in the first quarter as a one-sided affair. Brady and the Patriot's offense seem to have a serious chip on their shoulder after suffering a tough loss last week in Seattle. They impose their will early and often on the talent less J-E-T-S both in the air and on the ground led by Stevan Ridley. The Patriots' Defense closes the door on a Tim Tebow switch at halftime by picking him off as well as Sanchez and they cruise to an easy victory.
Offensive Player of the Game: Wes Welker
Defensive Player of the Game: Tavon Wilson