By: Bob George/
September 11, 2008

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 Defensive back
Agent Don Yee expects Tom Brady to play in 2018

Our midweek potpourri article series returns for its seventh season. These articles will appear about every Wednesday morning.

Along with Bill Shockley, Dick Guesman handled the kicking duties when the Jets were still called the Titans. Guesman was in the AFL for the first five seasons, and became the first kicker in Jets history (the name change was in 1963). He wasn't too accurate, hitting on only 14 of 39 field goals in his two full seasons with the Titans/Jets. He kicked for Denver in 1964, made only six of 22 field goals, then hung up his inaccurate cleats for good. At least he was 69 of 73 extra points for his career. He shanks one off the side of his foot, and the Patriots get the ball at their own 40.

Boy, that CBS Scene is really something. Some early impressions on this groundbreaking edifice.

First of all, it's pandering at its finest. Naturally, CBS ate it up, and we mean that literally as well as figuratively.

Now, the Patriots have to hope that CBS never loses broadcasting rights to the AFC.

Where was the Hogan's Heroes exhibit? They should have an entire wing devoted to that show.

This sure blows the heck out of Foxborough Raceway.

Wonder if Billy Sullivan would have thought of this?

Let's hope their shrimp is at least half as good as those Schonland's hot dogs, and their Gewurztraminer is somewhat close to Schaefer Beer in quality and drinkability. Some of us aren't used to today's pro sports cuisine.

In summary: Sorry, already sick of it. Gimme a dog and a beer anyday.

Geek of the Week: If Jonathan Papelbon changes his last name to Cinco Ocho, we'll forgive this one. Poor Chad had to wear "Johnson" for this week.

Welcome back home, Damon Huard.

Already, a "who do you root for" game. Favre versus Opie. It's a shame that one of them had to win.

ACL and MCL. Surgery in six weeks. See you in 2009, Tom Terrific.

Nice league-wide tribute to Gene Upshaw, the late player union leader and former offensive guard for the Raiders. He was no Donald Fehr, but his legacy is secure as the players enjoy free agency and a salary cap which will soon be a thing of the past.

You have thick skin if you the Patriot fan watched the Giants celebrate their championship last Thursday night.

Many eyes in this area were on Atlanta, and the debut of Matt Ryan, ex of Boston College. Looked pretty good.

But Michael Turner looked even better. This guy backs up LaDainian Tomlinson for so many years, then comes to Atlanta and breaks the team rushing record in his first game.

When will Matt Leinart finally break through and nail down the Arizona quarterback job?

Nothing wrong with Donovan McNabb.

No kicker for the Jets, so Favre has to go for it on fourth and 13. Result: touchdown. Is this how things are going to go for the Jets this year?

Back to school: Michigan is trying to reinvent itself, but they have to remember that they have to beat those teams with spread offenses, not merely become one.

How in the Sam Hill did Jake Delhomme pull out that win in San Diego?

Cowboy fans look mighty happy after their win over Cleveland. They're already talking "first playoff win since '96". But they fared no better than the Patriots did against the Giants in the postseason last year. Keep your Stetsons on for the moment, Big D,

No, Randy Moss, the hit was not dirty. Unfortunate, yes. But not dirty.

The Colts finally opened up Lucas Oil Stadium. They hope that the new digs won't engender all the playoff stinkers of years past. If Sunday's loss to Chicago is any indication, perhaps not.

Let's see, the 1-0 Patriots lose Brady, but the Chargers, Jaguars and the Colts are all 0-1. Makes the pain a little less.

Jack Del Rio was visibly upset when his team, who nearly upset the Patriots on the road in January, lost a game where Vince Young threw three picks and then left with an injury. Don't blame him.

Ugh. It's bad enough that ESPN had to move its Primetime show off Sunday nights. Now NBC is giving you large doses of the incredibly annoying Keith Olbermann and his old ESPN sidekick, Dan Patrick. This makes the show nearly unwatchable.

Yeah, Tom Jackson is who he is. But Chris Berman was the greatest at Sunday night highlight shows. Now you have the duo who convinced sports fans that kooky was the way to go in sports anchoring. Where's the mute button?

How ironic that in the same game where Tom Brady gets hurt, Damon Huard comes into the same game, for the other team. Brady has a warm spot in his heart for this guy, for sure.

Remember him: He made the defensive play which sealed the win for the Jets in Super Bowl III. Linebacker Larry Grantham was an original Titan (the name of the franchise prior to 1963) and played for the Jets during their first 13 years of existence. He had 24 career interceptions, was a five-time AFL Pro-Bowler and a five-time AFL first team All-Pro. In the third Super Bowl, after scoring a late touchdown to make it 16-7, the Colts recovered an onside kick and drove to the Jet 19-yard line. On the final two plays of the drive, Johnny Unitas threw two incompletions to Jimmy Orr, the last of them with Grantham in coverage. The Jets were able to run all but eight seconds off the clock, and the biggest upset in NFL history was assured.

Aaron Rodgers looked pretty good on that Lambeau Leap, but he does need a little work on style points.

You have to figure that the Raiders would look at least a little better with JaMarcus Russell in at quarterback.

The best inspiration for Matt Cassel could be Earl Morrall. He quarterbacked 11 out of the 17 wins for Miami in 1972. Bob Griese was there for the finish, but they would never have run the table without the great play of Morrall.

Bill Belichick remembers Jeff Hostetler. While his defensive game plan was making its way to Canton, Hostetler led the Giants to a 20-19 win over Buffalo in Super Bowl XXV while Phil Simms sat on the sidelines and watched.

In summary, those who are putting the Patriots to sleep should put themselves to sleep first. We'll wake you up when the Patriots really are done, if at all.