By: Bob George/
November 14, 2007

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Poor Scott Norwood. He's still best known for being the anti-Vinatieri. Seeing Automatic Adam push one wide right on Sunday night at crunch time might have brought some comfort to Norwood. If he can push a game winner wide right, then I guess people ought to get off my back, thinks Scott. He booms one deep into the end zone for a touchback.

Derek Anderson's fourth quarter tells us that sooner or later, Brady Quinn will have his day in Cleveland.

Hmmm. Dallas and Green Bay are both 8-1. Careful before you set those Super Bowl point spreads too high for the AFC.

If the Patriots do indeed run the table, how ironic that in the same year, Miami could go 0-16.

Meanwhile, the Bills aren't ready to concede the division yet. You'll all see why on Sunday night.

San Diego players looked more disgusted than happy after their win over the Colts on Sunday night, and rightfully so.

Think for a second. Peyton Manning picked off six times, several offensive starters for the Colts out, and a 23-0 lead despite scoring only ten points off all those interceptions.

And it took a missed 29-yard field goal by Adam Vinatieri to seal the deal.

If you think San Diego has returned to elite status, you probably also think that Ricky Williams will be the next Randy Moss.

Geek of the week: How can Peyton's little brother suffer all those delay of game penalties in a key matchup against Dallas? Sorry, Gotham, but Eli is not big time, not even close.

So, if the playoffs began today, how would things look?

You all know the Patriots would have home field.

But with their loss last Sunday, Indianapolis slips to the three seed. Pittsburgh has them on conference record and would get the two seed.

San Diego gets the four seed because they lead the AFC West by default (someone has to).

Jacksonville gets the five seed and Tennessee the sixth. Yes, the Colts do play in the toughest division in the NFL.

And Buffalo is right behind, knocking on the doorstep.

Which is why Bill Belichick will make the Patriots think they are playing the 1967 Green Bay Packers.

Indianapolis still has the Jags and Titans at home later on, so that race is far from over.

The Rams won? Wow. Would Stephen Jackson consider playing both quarterback and running back?

And that makes Miami the one and only winless team. No wonder Don Shula is crotchety these days.

Back to school: That was some job by Juice Williams and the Fighting Illini, killing off the final eight minutes in Ohio Stadium to seal the deal.

That was a nice performance by Donovan McNabb, and a terrific bounceback win on the road. The guy has character.

The Bengals have all that offense, yet it takes seven field goals by Shayne Graham instead of three touchdown passes to hit 21 points.

Dallas will go as far as Terrell Owens will let them, and that includes him behaving himself and just playing good football.

And those folks in Dallas are probably saying the same thing about the Patriots, except substitute Randy Moss for Terrell Owens.

When will JaMarcus Russell finally be ready out in Oakland? Not soon enough.

You wish former Brady backup Damon Huard could be doing better in Kansas City.

The Lions came crashing to earth out in Arizona. It's still not out of the question for them to not have played their last game of the season at that stadium.

Down the stretch, let's hope the Patriots don't wind up missing Sammy Morris like crazy.

Or passing on the chance to bring Corey Dillon back.

Minnesota, meanwhile, needs to avoid things like a great win over San Diego followed by a complete stinker in Green Bay.

Remember him: Over the weekend, former San Francisco head coach Dick Nolan passed away at age 75. He became one half of only the third father-son duo to coach the same team. The elder Nolan had the 49ers from 1968 to 1975 and compiled a 56-56-5 record. He had the final years of John Brodie and helped lead the 49ers to three straight NFC West titles. And his son, Mike, is the current head coach of the same team. The younger Nolan dresses in a suit and tie in honor of his father. He took this week off to be with his family, but will coach his team Monday night in Seattle. His dad was one whale of a good coach who did the City By The Bay well. He was the last notable coach of the 49ers prior to Bill Walsh, and will be sadly missed by all 49ers fans who remember him.

His son's team is in bad need of an offense. So much for all the praise for Alex Smith, a number one pick who might be headed for the "bust" category.

Oh, and what about that tradition at Qwest Field? Now you bring in a celebrity to hoist the 12th man flag? Is this now like the tuba player who dots the "I" in the Ohio State Band "Script Ohio"?

By the way, Drew Carey, can that idea about your soccer fans voting for their GM every four years. What idiot GM would work under those rules?