By: Bob George/
October 24, 2006

Why was Patriots LB Kyle Van Noy doing pushups at a bowling alley?
Patriots owner Robert Kraft owns no concerns that Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are missing OTAs
New NFL policy lets players who don’t want to stand for anthem stay in locker room
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Aaron Hernandez fiancée announces she's expecting a baby

For 15 seasons, Fred Cox was the personification of the Vikings placekicking game. He broke in with the Vikes in the franchise's third year, 1963. The straight-on kicker hit on 282 of 455 field goals in his long career, spent entirely in Minnesota. He would kick for Minnesota in all its Super Bowl appearances. In 1970 he led the league with 30 made field goals in 46 attempts. Like Pat Leahy in New York and Jan Stenerud in Kansas City, he became noted for his consistency and his longevity with one team (although Stenerud would not spend his entire career in KC). Cox booms one which comes down to about the four-yard line.

How about that Matt Bryant. Wonder if Tom Dempsey saw that kick. One yard shy of what Dempsey did for the Saints 36 years ago.

It's not sure what's more amazing, the way Atlanta won over Pittsburgh or the fact that it was only the second win by the Falcons over the Steelers in history.

A nice start, but Chad Jackson needs to give us more.

Chester Taylor rips off a 95-yard touchdown run, longest offensive play in the history of the Minnesota Vikings. Next week, he's the Patriots' problem.

Interesting to note that the longest run in NFL history, 99 yards by Dallas' Tony Dorsett, was done against Minnesota.

Oh, yeah. Seattle scored 13 points with Deion Branch, the Patriots scored 28 without him.

It took Peyton Manning one half of a game to finally realize that he was in a football game. When he did, oh, those poor Redskins.

There's no truth to the rumor that after the game, Romeo Crennel asked Mike Shanahan if he could have all those ex-Browns back.

Geek of the week: Chris Kelsay committed one of the dumbest penalties we've seen in the last ten years. When Tom Brady sits down, Chris, leave him alone. Your dumb play cost your team seven points and probably the game.

If you loved the 1968 World Series, you'll love this year's classic.

If you saw the 1968 World Series, are you considering AARP at present?

Both Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Hasselbeck went down with injuries on Sunday. Both their teams lost. Makes you appreciate Matt Cassel even more, doesn't it?

Bill Belichick apparently didn't teach Nick Saban how to handle press conferences the right way.

They're not over last Monday yet. Arizona follows up its execrable loss to Chicago with a loss at equally execrable Oakland. You need more than just a new stadium, I guess.

How bad was this game? Fox left their high definition cameras at home for this one, and they usually do all their games in HD.

Troy Brown's run towards Stanley Morgan's career receiving record is bringing back wonderful memories of old number 86. He averaged 19.4 yards per catch, which in and of itself is astounding.

Donovan McNabb got sick during Sunday's game at Tampa Bay. How sick was he when Bryant kicked that 62-yard game winner?

Cincinnati being able to beat Carolina was amazing. This same Bengal team got jocked at home against the Patriots.

What's this? Denver gives up a touchdown to Cleveland?

Back to school: It looks like Donna Shalala (University of Miami president) is the perfect front person for the thug zoo that is her university. If you are a Miami grad, how can you possibly be proud of your alma mater right now?

Day of the kicker: How about Lawrence Tynes in Kansas City? Tries a 48-yarder, then a procedure penalty forces him to try from 53. And he hits it, giving the Chiefs the win. Someone tell Atlanta's Michael Koenen about multiple field goal chances.

News bulletin: San Diego's Shawn Merriman is gone for four games. Substance abuse is the reason. Will they never learn?

A good expose on how bad the Raiders have become is that they decided to keep two high maintenance dudes, Randy Moss and Jerry Porter, all the while shipping off Doug Gabriel to Foxborough.

And if you believe Moss was really going to become a Patriot, I have some beachfront property in Fitchburg I can sell you.

NBC's Bob Costas called the Patriots a team that "we often take for granted…they do nothing spectacular, they just win!" Just the way we like it.

Two picks returned for touchdowns. Hmmm. Does this mean that Ronde Barber packs it in, just like twin brother Tiki?

A game to look forward to down the road is not the meeting in two weeks against the Colts. It's the following week against the Jets, now 4-3 and looking pretty good in doing so. Besides, the Jets play the Patriots better at Foxborough than in New Jersey.

Just don't tell Bill Belichick you're looking ahead. He may shoot you.

Don't tell Tom Brady that Buffalo is a pushover.

Remember him: He settled here in chez Joey Porter, chez David Carr, chez Stephen Neal. Former Vikings running back Brent McClanahan played in the shadows of Chuck Foreman, but enjoyed a steady seven-year career in Minnesota. The former Bakersfield South High Rebel played in three Super Bowls (all losses) during the height of the Purple People Eater era. His best year was 1976, when he gained 382 yards as his team lost Super Bowl XI to Oakland that year. He had his career high in pass receptions that year, catching 40 passes from Fran Tarkenton for 252 yards. He is currently back at his alma mater, teaching business courses at South High.

You perhaps loved watching Dallas get clocked by the Giants on Monday night. You are still mad at what Bill Parcells did to the Patriots and you hate Terrell Owens with a passion.

But what is happening to Drew Bledsoe is a shame.

Yes, he still throws dumb picks, makes poor decisions and is basically a statue out there.

But you probably saw his usefulness as an NFL starting quarterback come to an end the instant Tony Romo was put in there.

Say what you will, but Bledsoe did too much and meant so much up here for you to be anything other than disheartened over what is happening down in Big D. If this is it for Bledsoe, he most certainly deserved a better ending.