By: Bob George/
May 02, 2006

Patriots safety Devin McCourty announces that he’ll return for 2019 season
Whether OBJ or Golden Tate, Patriots need infusion of talent at wide receiver
Rob Gronkowski’s decision on future should come within weeks, agent says
Julian Edelman continues post Super Bowl victory lap, at Daytona
Colin Kaepernick’s lawyer would not be surprised if Robert Kraft and Patriots make move for ex-49ers QB

Welcome to Foxborough, Stephen Gostkowski. As far as replacing legends go, may you have a career much like Carl Yastrzemski and less like High Henry Finkel. Our early advice to you is simple: Never read the paper or watch the evening news. Avoid things like the Internet and listening to the radio. Cut your hair differently now and then so that people won't recognize you when you want to go out somewhere. And finally, just this: Don't miss. Simple. Don't miss. Then things will be okay. Gostkowski responds to ol' Bob G's advice and booms one out of the end zone. Was it straight? Right now, we'll just take the distance and worry about the straight later on.

So, who was dumber, Matt Leinart or Floyd Reese?

Face it. Vince Young had better work out. You had Leinart's former offensive coordinator in the fold in Tennessee. Young looks like a righthanded Michael Vick out there. Young won't be able to run roughshod over pro defenses like he did in college.

Meanwhile, Leinart is better off as a Cardinal rather than a 49er, but just barely.

The stupid owners are a push. Leinart gets a brand new palace in Phoenix, and he can probably make up the lost money (based on draft position) in endorsements. And he gets two killer wideouts to throw to and a class veteran quarterback to learn behind.

There's no truth to the rumor that when Bill Belichick drafted guys like Richard Seymour, Ty Warren and Vince Wilfork, he first asked them if they could play any tight end.

It seems he actually did pose that question to Mike Vrabel when he got him in 2001. Vrabel's answer was obviously "Yes, coach!”

The next question must have been this: Richard, can you play fullback?

Should the 49ers have been concerned that Vernon Davis looked like Dick Vermeil when they called his name?

Geek of the week: During my senior year in high school, our head football coach was named Charles Casserly.

Mr. Casserly came to our school with previous experience in the Redskin organization. He would later find his way back to the ‘Skins, win a Vince, then later assume the reins of building the Houston Texans from the ground up.

Mr. Casserly, I'm proud to say that you and I are both former Falcons. But if Mario Williams turns out to be a bust, you'll forgive me if I pretend that I don't know you.

Because unless New Orleans had their sights on a big road grader, why on earth didn't you trade down with the Jets and take D'Brickashaw Ferguson as your top pick? Or do you just want to see David Carr continue to get slaughtered out there?

Buffalo has taught us all one thing. Eighty-something guys belong in the rest home, unless they're named Arnold Auerbach. Otherwise, let the young guys run the team.

Male Bronco fans may be torn as to who or what the object of their desires are, their new quarterback (Jay Cutler) or that blonde sitting next to him at his draft party.

Hats off to the NFL Network, for allowing football fans to enjoy excellent draft coverage, all the while being spared to have to listen to that boor named Mel Kiper.

Which always makes us think: What in the world does Kiper do on the other 363 days of the year?

Meanwhile, someone please explain where Corey Chavous had the time to learn all he did about literally every draftee. Give him some diction lessons, and he's a keeper.

Matter of fact, keep all those NFL Network folks.

Especially that lovely lady who used to work at NESN, Kara Henderson. Too bad NESN can't bring her back and get rid of Hazel Mae, who is more suited for the E! Network hosting Wild On! or something like that. Let Mae cover things like naked parties and topless beaches, and leave the sports stuff to real pros like Henderson.

Back to school: What? This is all about college! Let's change that just this once.

Back to the pros: Like Roger Clemens possibly returning to the Sox, don't believe for a second Ty Law will return to the Patriots unless you have a signed contract in hand. Otherwise, it's just useless babble.

Reggie Bush is great for New Orleans. But when it comes time to reconcile playing time between him and Deuce McAllister, then what?

Bill Cowher sometimes comes off as a dumb coach. But when he trades up to get Santonio Holmes, the dumb moments are the exception and not the rule.

Marcus Vick went undrafted. There is justice in this world.

Too bad LenDale White didn't also go undrafted. That would have sent a message to all guys out there who think they are better than they really are and don't need to work as hard as they need to to impress NFL scouts.

Unless another veteran is on the way, if Chad Jackson doesn't start the season over Reche Caldwell, then what they say about Florida wideouts really is true. And Caldwell should know.

Radio City Music Hall was jumping with Jet fans on Saturday. Which makes us think only one thing: Where in the Sam Hill were all the Giant fans?

In Peter King's article Monday Morning Quarterback, he says that Denver coach Mike Shanahan told him that the Patriots got the steal of the draft in Laurence Maroney. Shanahan thinks Maroney will become the best back in the league.

Gee, does this mean that in December, some lucky Gillette Stadium fan will get a number 28 jersey thrown at him by the man himself? And some shoulder pads, too?

Romeo Crennel trumped his old boss by taking Kamerion Wimbley. You think Belichick made even one phone call to at least try and trade up?

Remember him: As first round draft picks go, they didn't get much better than the ol' Hog. 33 years later, John Hannah remains the only Hall of Famer to play only with the Patriots, and still remains the best this franchise has ever put out there. Other players may soon knock him off that perch, but that's an awful big man sitting on that perch waiting for the right man to do the knockin'. In the 1985 Divisional Playoff at Oakland, the third-to-last game he would play in his NFL career, he destroyed Stacey Toran at the goal line with perhaps the most perfectly executed and best looking block ever seen, anytime and anywhere. That was John Hannah, for the entire world to see.

The dust has settled, now here are the five things you will always remember from this draft.

The Raiders will be condemned for years for not taking Leinart.

Ditto for the Titans.

Arizona and San Francisco still need a lot more than what they got before they even think of something special happening to their woebegone franchises.

Mario Williams will define Charles Casserly's entire career.

And you only need to head up the Maine Turnpike, ask Bert and I for directions to Orono, and you'll find a Black Bear wide receiver named Kevin McMahan. He's now an Oakland Raider, but more important than that, he's the new Mister Irrelevant. Take Marty Moore up with you when you go, and give Kevin some inspiration.