By: Bob George/
February 08, 2006

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Someone please mount a better campaign to get Gino Cappelletti into the Hall of Fame. The all-time scorer in AFL history more than deserves the honor. He is one of only three men to have played in every AFL game in history. And he had been the all-time Patriot leading scorer until Adam Vinatieri finally passed him this year. The Duke steps into one, straight on, of course, and booms it to about the four-yard line.

It is way too easy to complain about officiating when you lose.

For example, the pass interference call on Asante Samuel did not lose the game for the Patriots in Denver. The interception thrown by Tom Brady was the fatal blow.

Jerome Bettis' fumble was potentially more costly than Troy Polamalu's negated interception.

And you can argue that Seattle shouldn't have given up all those long plays.

But if the refs get it right, Seattle wins 24-21. Or maybe 24-14.

Looks like the right coach's wife went to the Congo instead of staying stateside.

Great to see Mick Jagger so physically fit at age 62.

Same for Keith Richard, Ron Wood and Charlie Watts.

That's remarkable, since at one time any one of them could have ended up like Brian Jones.

And Jagger wasn't kidding when he said that they could have done Satisfaction at Super Bowl I. Talk about good presence of mind.

Geek of the week: Clean up your gang, Mike Pereira.

Next year, it will be Ben Roethlisberger flipping the coin and Tom Brady calling heads or tails.

Come to think of it, Brady had a better Super Bowl than any Steeler or Seahawk.

So did Deion Branch. He looked great as the first former Super Bowl MVP honored at pregame.

Whoever maintains that you don't need good quarterbacking to win a Super Bowl had to love Roethlisberger's 22.6 passer rating on Sunday.

Someone explain why ABC ran that feature on Jack Tatum paralyzing Darryl Stingley during pregame. What's the connection to this Super Bowl? Is this something Patriot Nation had to be served up on Sunday?

You can get your CBA, and it's still a longshot to sign Richard Seymour long term. He simply will want too much money.

Or maybe he just wants to head south, close to home.

Or, simply, away from a head coach he may still harbor ill will over.

Detroit did a good job of putting its best foot forward with this Super Bowl. Nice salute to Motown in the pregame show.

But it's still too bad that Detroit is mostly ghetto and the only good thing about the city is the filthy rich northern suburbs which are inhabited mostly by auto execs.

Another sad element of this Super Bowl is that this is the closest the Lions will get to the real thing.

Back to school: Charlie Weis isn't leaving Notre Dame anytime soon. Word is that he got himself one whopper of a recruiting class.

News flash: Josh McDaniels is now the offensive coordinator. Now Bill Belichick can get back to just running the team.

Unless he wants to make a serious gig out of this broadcasting thing.

And he's not being an egomaniac when he picks Super Bowls XXV and XXXVI as two of the best Super Bowl defenses ever, both of which have his handprints all over them. Selecting both of those games is simply correct, and anyone else should have included those two games in their all-time best Super Bowl defenses.

Are there any Steelers you feel happy for? Yes. Dan Rooney.

Sorry, Bill Cowher. You have a beautiful family and you stand for great things. But you won a Super Bowl the only way you could have possibly done so. Tim Fox is right.

Next time you reach the Big Game, Big Ben, and there will be a next time, play better and look like you belong there.

You have to wonder if this was Seattle's one shot.

Seahawk dads Mosi Tatupu and Don Hasselbeck are proud papas, but their boys should be pouring champagne instead of the other boys.

The next time you'll hear Al Michaels, it will be for NBC on Sunday night.

The next time you'll hear John Madden, he will be sobbing at a podium in Canton, Ohio.

Paul Tagliabue is concerned over the slow progress of the CBA negotiations. When they do finally produce a new one, he then needs to do something about those officials.

Remember him: He led the Steelers in rushing until Franco Harris came along. But he is better remembered as the intended receiver in the "Immaculate Reception” play against the Raiders in 1972. John "Frenchy” Fuqua was hit by Tatum (and not paralyzed), the ball caromed off Fuqua and into the arms of Harris, who scooped the ball up and ran for the touchdown which put Pittsburgh into the 1972 AFC Championship Game (where they would lose to the 17-0 Miami Dolphins). Fuqua would collect two Super Bowl rings with Pittsburgh before retiring in 1976 after an eight-year career spent mostly in the shadow of Harris and Rocky Bleier. 1971 was his best year, as he had his third highest rushing total of his career but had a career high 427 yards receiving on 49 catches, also a career best.

Well, it's official. The Patriots are no longer champs. For now.

Put away the Brady and Bruschi jerseys, the blankets, the helmets, and get ready to take down those storm windows soon.

The buds will come out, the Red Sox will try to win their second World Series in three years, and it will be August before you know it.

And you won't be able to wait until you see the faces of those hungry Patriots, willing themselves to be on the victory stand at Super Bowl XLI.

Back where they belong, ready to bring Vince back to Foxborough.