By: John Molori
December 15, 2005

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As reported in Media Blitz on October 25, Mike Adams has been hired as permanent evening host at Sports Radio 850 WEEI.

In what was either the most daring move by an on-air personality in recent memory, or the best publicity stunt by a radio station since Mr. Carlson dropped live turkeys on Les Nessman in Cincinnati, Mike Adams seized control of WEEI's studios Wednesday evening following "The Big Show" and forced his way to a permanent job as evening host.

Adams, upset at not being told whether he would be hired for the 7:00 p.m.- midnight slot vacated by Ted Sarandis on September 30, barricaded himself in the studio on the air and vowed not to leave until programming chief Jason Wolfe told him his fate.

Around 9:30 p.m., Wolfe called Adams on the air and told him he had the gig. "I am moved by the amount of emails I have received,” said Wolfe. " We'd be honored to have you join our team.” Earlier, "Big Show” host Glenn Ordway had disclosed Wolfe's email address on-air and encouraged people to send their thoughts.

"I was just basically pissed off,” Adams told Media Blitz in the wee hours of Thursday morning after signing off the air. "Glenn was giving me a ton of (expletive deleted). He told me to strap a pair on and demand that Jason tell me if I had the job.”

Indeed, Ordway and other WEEI on-air personalities have been needling Adams for weeks, saying that he was kissing up to Wolfe, all the while not knowing if he would get the job.

Adams says he was very much in the dark as to his status. "Jason wasn' t saying anything. The only thing I heard was in Media Blitz a few weeks ago.” In October, two WEEI sources told Media Blitz that Adams would be getting the job.

One source, an on-air person at WEEI, said, "Mike Adams is getting the night gig. WEEI will be announcing very soon. (WEEI general manager) Julie Kahn will give him a chance to star, with strings attached, meaning he will be on a short leash when it comes to punctuality, etc. If he passes, the job is his. ”

The second source, a WEEI staffer, added, "It's a done deal. Adams is going to get the gig sooner than later. The job is his, but he has to show up on time. If things go well, he's their guy.” Shortly after the Media Blitz column was published, WEEI general manager Julie Kahn confirmed that the station was "in discussions” with Adams about the position.

Adams, perhaps undeservedly, had been accused of being tardy for shows at AM 1510 The Zone and other outlets. Recently, however, he has been a model employee at WEEI often working the late night shift, then returning for the " Dennis and Callahan” morning show as a flash reporter or cohost. Adams has worked part time at WEEI since 1993.

He hosted an ill-fated morning show at AM 1510, cancelled in February of 2003 after just three and a half months on the air. He is best known as the maniacally talented and original host of NECN's "Sportsworld.”

Throughout his station takeover, Adams received calls from the likes of WEEI morning host John Dennis and Fox25 sports anchor Butch Stearns, who ran a story on Adams' station takeover during his 10:00 p.m. sportscast. There is no word yet on the specific length or terms of Adams' new deal with WEEI.

"I am so happy,” said the 51 year-old Adams, whose fans lit up the WEEI phone lines last night and, according to Wolfe, sent more than 1000 emails on Adams' behalf. "I am so tired. I need a beer.” So, was Adams' bold move serious or a stunt? He responded with a laugh, "Hmm, good question, how did it sound?”

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