By: Bob George/
September 28, 2005

Patriots’ Malcolm Mitchell happy with rehab progress
Free agent WR Eric Decker says he would be 'good fit' with Patriots
Man charged with robbing Gronkowski's home arraigned
Buckley: What will Tom Brady do when he retires from football?
Tom Brady teases with Instagram comment

From 1968 to 1975, this kicker from SMU gave the Chargers a steady leg up on the competition. Dennis Partee served as their punter, averaging 41.3 yards per punt and never getting one blocked in his career. And for five of those eight years he was also their placekicker, hitting just under 60 percent of his field goals. He would be replaced eventually by Ray Wersching, who went on to Super Bowl fame with San Francisco later on. Partee boots one to about the 2-yard line.

Be careful what you say. Tim Fox slammed Bill Cowher on NESN's SportsPlus last week, and it got into one of the Pittsburgh papers.

To all players who can't play hurt, head for Philadelphia and let David Akers bend your ear.

Still think Arizona is your sleeper team?

Jacksonville got away with one at the Meadowlands.

If Indianapolis really does have a varsity defense, now it's finally time to worry about them.

Pittsburgh ties the Patriots, 20-20, and you don't quiver one bit. You see Number Four on the sideline, and you just know.

LaDainian Tomlinson comes to Gillette Stadium next week. And you were worried about Willie Parker.

Interesting story about Houston last week trying to get the edge on Pittsburgh by leaving the roof open and making the Steelers wear their black jerseys with the temperature on the field about 110 degrees. About 8,000 fans complained about the roof not being closed on that wretched a day.

Oh, and Houston lost 27-7. Slick.

Aside, Houstonians might just trade that hurricane for more 110 degree weather.

Geek of the week: What was Antwaan Randle El thinking when he tried to lateral to Hines Ward? That's both dumb and dumber.

Some folks out there think that Rodney Harrison might have to call it a career. Say it ain't so.

The Eagles beat the Raiders in the Leon (the football player) Bowl.

Moss plus Raiders equals 0-3. Does that make Viking Nation feel any better?

Nice rally by Drew Bledsoe, bouncing back from that sickening loss last Monday night.

You can just hear Fish Nation right now. Ha-ha. We beat Carolina and you didn't. Must be time for Miami to make plans for Detroit in February.

A game like that underscores what a lousy job the Patriots did last week.

Welcome to the NFL, Nick Kaczur. Enjoy your baptism by fire.

The Jets need a healthy quarterback. They have two with clipped wings right now, and Jets can't fly with clipped wings.

Where have you gone, Thurston Long?

If Jon Gruden got flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct on Sunday against the Packers, how doesn't he get flagged during the Snow Bowl after the Tuck Rule call?

That Super Bowl XXXIV rematch between Tennessee and St. Louis was merely a matchup of NFL "used-to-bes”.

Yo, Steelers. The Bengals are 3-0.

Back to school: That was a nice tease up in Duckville, but in the end, USC was too much for the Quack Attack to handle.

J.P. Losman gives new meaning to the term "rambling interview”. Someone asked him how good he thinks his team is.

Bill Parcells would answer that question with this: "You are what your record says you are!”

The nicest thing about the Patriot win over the Steelers was that Troy Brown was not asked to play cornerback. But the season is still young.

So, the Packers haven't been 0-3 since 1988? Cincinnati 3-0 since 1990? All that really matters is your next opponent, good or bad.

Romeo Crennel still has some work ahead of him, but they're turned in the right direction.

Get the Saints back home in Louisiana, and soon.

Meanwhile, Houston got lucky. What was supposed to be a direct hit by Rita was instead just a tongue lashing. They had more problems with the mass exodus of people than they did the hurricane itself.

Sweet Charger payback for Public Enemy #1: Eli Manning, who spurned them in the draft in 2004. Sorry, Eli, but you deserved it.

Hines Ward torched the Patriots for an 85-yard bomb, the longest pass play against the Patriot since 1990. Question number one from Bill Belichick to his staff and players: How?

Remember him: He achieved greater fame as a pro wrestler. Ernie "The Cat” Ladd began his eight-year NFL career as a Charger defensive lineman. The monstrous Ladd played five seasons for the Bolts, and played well but will never be confused with Too Tall Jones. He had a more glorious run with guys like Vince McMahon, Captain Lou Albano and Classy Freddie Blassie. Don't forget that Andre The Giant almost made it with the Redskins once upon a time.

Situation normal in Denver: Chiefs get the tar kicked out of them at Invesco.

Okay Guss Scott. Time to show what you got. Rodney's gone, and maybe for good.

The poor Patriots. Don't get enough media coverage. Now we have this weekend coming up. Sox and Yankees for the AFC East title.

Oh, heck. Go and enjoy the Sox. The Patriots have done it without you before, and ought to be able to do it again.