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April 25, 2005

Free agent WR Eric Decker says he would be 'good fit' with Patriots
Man charged with robbing Gronkowski's home arraigned
Buckley: What will Tom Brady do when he retires from football?
Tom Brady teases with Instagram comment
Devin McCourty not disappointed in Tom Brady

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*An updated version of the "TEAM NEEDS" chart will appear in TODAY'S report.

*Think that it is too early to get a jump start on the 2006 NFL Draft... well then you are looking to get left behind... our staff can help organize or contribute to your organization, franchise, player rep recruiting list or media coverage now so that you will be ahead of the curve when the new cycle of scouting starts later this spring... please contact our office over the next few weeks for more information.

*Any/all media requests for observations, player notes, draft pick reviews or profile/bio info on those players selected by your individual team can all be sent to [email protected] please include your deadline or time frame, so they can all be addressed accordingly.


Martin Patterson, LB, TCU (Philadelphia), Derek Wake, LB, Penn State, (NY Giants), C.J. Brooks, OL, Maryland (Oakland), Jamaica Rector, WR/RT, NW Missouri State (Dallas), Ryan Grant, RB, Notre Dame (NY Giants), Marcus Lawrence, LB, South Carolina (Carolina), Taquy Muhammad, CB, South Carolina (Baltimore).

"POST DRAFT" NFL TEAM NEEDS (As of 4/25/05 -- RT means return man):
Positions that are now in (BOLD) print means that they were potentially filled during the seven rounds of the draft, but will remain listed, since it may still be an area that can be addressed through PFA/FA... also, positions listed in parenthesis means that the team went outside the recognized "Team Needs" area or drafted a player at a certain position more than once during the seven rounds of the draft.

Arizona Cardinals
RB, CB, TE, DL, OG, S, (CB), (OLB), (LB), (WR)

Atlanta Falcons
OT, DL, WR, OLB, S, TE, (DE), (LB), (RB/RT), (DT)

Baltimore Ravens
DL, OG, WR, LB, CB, OL, (OC), (FB), (QB)

Buffalo Bills
DT, OL, CB, TE, RB, K, (WR), (CB), (OL)

Carolina Panthers
WR, OLB, OL, FS, TE, RB, (DT), (QB), (LB), (OL), (DE), (OL)

Chicago Bears
WR, RB, DT, TE, QB, K, S, (WR), (LB/S)

Cincinnati Bengals
DL, OC, ILB, SS, WR, CB, (OT), (WR), (DL)

Cleveland Browns
OT, QB, RB, DL, WR, P, (S), (CB/RT), (OLB)

Dallas Cowboys
OLB//DE, S, OL, RB, LB, WR, K, (DL), (DL)

Denver Broncos
CB, QB, WR, OLB, OL, P, (CB), (CB), (RB)

Detroit Lions
DE, CB, OL, LB, DT, K, (WR)

Green Bay Packers
OL, DE, LB, S, QB, TE, (CB), (WR), (S), (CB), (DL), (WR), (OG), (DB)

Houston Texans
OT, DL, WR, RB, LB, S, (OC)

Indianapolis Colts
CB, DT, OL, S, LB, RB, (CB), (DE), (DE), (OC), (LB), (K)

Jacksonville Jaguars
CB, OT, DL, WR, OLB, RT, (RB), (CB)

Kansas City Chiefs
LB, WR, QB, DL, OL, DB, P, (LB), (OT)

Miami Dolphins
RB, WR, NT, QB, CB, OT, (DE), (LB), (OL)

Minnesota Vikings
WR, OL, RB, K, DL, TE, (DB), (DT), (CB)

New England Patriots
LB, WR, S, OG, QB, RT, (CB), (OL), (TE)

New Orleans Saints
OLB, DT, OL, WR, QB, K, (S), (DL)

New York Giants
WR, RB, FS, DE, OL, FB, (CB), (DE)

New York Jets
CB, DT, RB, OT, OC, K, (DB), (TE), (WR)

Oakland Raiders
LB, NT, CB, SS, OG, RT, (CB), (QB)

Philadelphia Eagles
DL, OLB, RB, OL, TE, WR, (S), (DE), (OG), (OT), (LB)

Pittsburgh Steelers
OT, CB, TE, WR, DL, LB, (OG), (RB)

San Diego Chargers
OT, WR, RT, DL, CB, LB, (OG), (OL)

San Francisco 49ers
QB, WR, DL, RB, OL, CB, TE, (OL), (CB), (WR), (TE)

Seattle Seahawks
DE, CB, OL, WR, RB, QB, (LB), (LB), (OT), (TE), (LB), (OL)

St. Louis Rams
OT, CB, DE, S, TE, P, (OL), (S), (OG), (WR), (QB), (FB)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
RB, WR, DL, TE, QB, S, (LB), (OT), (FB), (WR)

Tennessee Titans
CB, OT, WR, RB, K, RT, (WR), (OT), (WR), (S), (OT), (TE), (CB)

Washington Redskins
CB, DL, TE, LB, WR, OG, (QB), (FB/RB), (LB), (RB)

ARIZONA is likely to sign FA defensive linemen
BALTIMORE is likely to sign FA offensive linemen and cornerbacks
BUFFALO is likely to sign FA defensive linemen and a kicker
CHICAGO is likely to sign FA defensive tackles, tight end and a kicker
CLEVELAND is likely to sign FA running back, defensive tackle, linebacker and a kicker and punter
DALLAS is likely to sign FA offensive linemen, safety, fullback, wide receiver and a kicker
DENVER is likely to sign FA wide receiver and linebacker
GREEN BAY is likely to sign FA tight end, offensive linemen and linebacker
INDIANAPOLIS is likely to sign FA defensive linemen and a punter
JACKSONVILLE is likely to sign FA defensive linemen, outside linebacker and a return man
MIAMI is likely to sign FA offensive and defensive linemen, quarterback, defensive backs and a kicker
NEW ORLEANS is likely to sign FA tight end, running back, linebacker and a kicker
NY GIANTS is likely to sign FA fullback, linebacker, safety, wide receiver and a kicker
PHILADELPHIA is likely to sign FA wide receivers, tight end and a fullback
PITTSBURGH is likely to sign FA offensive and defensive linemen
SAN FRANCISCO is likely to sign FA defensive linemen, wide receiver, defensive back and a kicker
TENNESSEE is likely to sign FA offensive linemen, wide receivers and a kicker


Marcus Lawrence LB South Carolina, Darrell Shropshire DT South Carolina, Rodriques Wilson LB/ SS South Carolina, Jamacia Jackson SS South Carolina,
Taqiy Muhammad CB South Carolina, Luis Berlanga K NW Missouri State, Rashad Jeanty DE/OLB Central Florida/ Edmonton, Andrea Gause WR/ RB South Carolina, Jason Capers DE South Carolina, Cory Newton P Tusculum, Chris Miller P Texas A&M Commerce, Darius Robinson LB Tusculum, Michael Wafzig P Miami of Ohio, Jamal Whyce DT Marshall, Nygel Rogers S Appalachian State, Clenton Crossley RB South Florida... interest in signing any/all of these players, please contact DEC Management (David Canter) at 954-599-4499 or 954-464-5453.

Jimmy St. Louis TE Murray State, Jamar Enzor LB Cincinnati, Doug Monaghan S Cincinnati, Rich Demers FB Massachusetts, Carlyle Holiday WR Notre Dame, Dwight Ellick CB Notre Dame... T.J. Anderson DB/RB Georgia Southern... interest in signing any/all of these players, please contact ETL Associates, Max Pastor 917-696-5032... Eugene Lee - 917-796-1160... Office phone 212-867-8500.

Travis Haney WR Indiana... interest in signing him, please contact Tom Murphy 732- 614-9380.

Brian Wrobel QB Winona State, DonTa Bright DB/RT New Mexico Highlands, Daniel Leger S Colorado School of Mines, Ryan Palmer LB Northern Colorado... interest in signing him, please contact Patrick Linden 303-995-9701... free agent deep snapper Tony Case, who was in camp with the Buffalo Bills last year is also available.

Corey Dodds LB Utah, Rod Miller WR/RT Florida A&M... interest in signing either player, please contact Arlo Henderson 813-235-5810.

Donyell Booker DT Fresno State, Eddie Brown DT San Jose State, Antoine Cash LB Southern Miss, Matt Guice QB Eastern Kentucky, Josh Dean S San Diego State, Tyson Hampton DB Humboldt State/Baylor, C.J. Hudson RB Eastern Kentucky, Patrick Josten QB Chapman, CA, Mike Kracalik OT San Diego State, Sammy Maldonado FB/RB Maryland, Dominique Morris DB Vanderbilt, Devin Pitts WR San Diego State, Dominic Robinson WR/DB Florida State, Chad Scott RB North Carolina, Joe Scott LB Jackson State, Chris Solomona DL Oregon, Robby Valenzuela DL Oregon, Jason White QB Oklahoma, Chris White OL Southern Miss, Aric Williams CB Oregon State, Pierre Wright DB Eastern Kentucky... interest in signing any/all of these players, please contact BC Sports 601-606-9490, 601-606-5021, 858-490-9191.

Jason Jones WR Drake, IA, Gerald Smith WR/RT Penn State, Derrick Phillips DB Grand Valley State, Kenton Johnson OT Georgia Tech, Walif Campbell DT Shaw U., Michael Broussard DB Toledo... interest in signing any/all of these players, please contact Core Sports Management 616-299-0053... free agent wide receiver Nick Sparks, who worked out with Akron QB Charlie Frye is also available.

Kyle Wallace OT Georgia Tech, Jonathon Alston OL South Carolina... interest in signing any/all of these players, please contact Philip Wickerstrom 404-848-1604, 404-944-3833.

Charles Allgood CB Adams State, Allen Burrell WR/RT North Dakota State, Carlos Campbell DB Notre Dame, Preston Jackson DB Notre Dame, Levander Segars WR/RT Montana, Clyde Surrell DB Colorado, DeAndre Fluellen DL Colorado... interest in signing any/all of these players, please contact CCB Sports Management 720-232-7600.

Matt Cutaia WR/RT Connecticut, Rodney McCarter DB James Madison, Micheaux Hollingsworth RB N.C. A&T... interest in signing any/all of these players, please contact Sports Management Worldwide 503.407.2959, 503-491-0908, 503-703-2395, 503-546-9039.

Charles Howard DL Florida State, Paul Irons TE/H-B Florida State... intetest in signing any/all of these players, please contact Rule Management Group 561-389-5652, 561-547-0265.

Eric Knott TE Michigan State, Jovan Burkes LB Central Michigan, Kenneth Stanford CB Duke... intetest in signing any/all of these players, please contact ISP 248-355-1727, 248-705-5739

Alex Green DB Duke... interest in signing him, please contact Jonathan Kline 954-385-9441.

Geir Gudmundsen OL Albany, NY, Tad Kornegay DB/RT Fordham, Mike Abate QB Southern Connecticut State... interest in signing any/all of these players, please contact Island Sports Management 516-835-1297, 561-793-3993.

Michael Wright DT Cincinnati, Chris Carr DB/RT Boise State... interest in signing any/all of these players, please contact Buddy Baker at

Rob Giancola WR Valparaiso, Drew Thornfeldt FB Wheaton, IL... interest in signing any/all of these players, please contact Masterplan Group

Ryan Hawk QB Ohio U., Derrick Crudup WR/QB/S Miami, Davon Fowlkes WR/RT Appalachian State, Charles Frederick WR Washington, Osmar Staples OG San Jose State, Joe Rheem K Kansas State, Zac Keasey LB Princeton, Chris Laskowski DB/LB Florida Atlantic, Marcus Houston RB Colorado State, Fred Long IUPUI... interest in signing any/all of these players, please contact Joe Dinda 305-937-6428.

Scott Paffrath OT Missouri... interest in signing him, please contact Jeff Lynch 314-233-5643.

Derham Cato DL Dartmouth, Edward Simms WR William Penn... interest in signing either player, please contact Greg Hale 703-408-5917.

Jeff Otis QB Columbia... interest in signing him, please contact Bob Lattinville or Chuck Engleberger 314-303-8442.

Bernard Thomas DE Nebraska, Jason Leach DB USC, Matt Clark CB UCLA, Therrion Fontenot CB Fresno State... interest in signing any/all of these players, please contact Sports Group 818-783-9766.

Aaris Johnson DT Morgan State... interest in signing him, please contact JR Rickert [email protected]

Roger Robinson RB/RT Northern Arizona, Issa Banna FB Northwestern State, John McPherson CB/RT Central Missouri State... interest in signing any/all of these players, please contact XPOZ Sports Management 517-410-3169.



Haldi, Josh   Northern Illinois

Guidugli, Gino   Cincinnati   

Rix, Chris   Florida State

Allen, Jared   Florida Atlantic

Randall, Bryan   Virginia Tech

Harris, Kay-Jay   West Virginia 

Reyes, Walter   Syracuse 

McLendon, T.A.   North Carolina St  

Grant, Ryan   Notre Dame

Hudson, Ray   Alabama 


Davis, Josh   Marshall 

Savoy, Steve   Utah

Stovall, Chauncey   Florida State 

Stubblefield, Taylor   Purdue

Manus, Tommy   Morgan State   

Johnson, Dante  Graceland, IA


Bergen, Adam   Lehigh 

Curtis, Tony   Portland State 

Cross, Garrett   California

Sesay, Victor   Missouri

Knott, Eric   Michigan State          


Munoz, Michael   Tennessee

Watson, Mike   West Virginia 

Doty, Jon   Kansas State 

Lorenz, Mike   Wisconsin 

Wallace, Kyle    Georgia Tech

Davis, Morgan   Wisconsin

Farrow, Amariah Midwestern State, TX


Johnson, Cedric   Clemson   

Clinkscale, Jonathan   Wisconsin 

Brooks, C.J.   Maryland 

Buckles, Doug   Mississippi

Alston, Jonathon      South Carolina


Wilkerson, Ben   LSU 

Carter, Vince   Oklahoma 

Respert, Jason   Tennessee 

Manfredda, Marc   Cal Davis

Clement, Jelani   Hampton  

Davis, Jim   Virginia Tech 

Gause, George   South Carolina 

Ficklin, Tony   San Jose State

King, Tyler   Connecticut

Fraser, Simon   Ohio State


Alexander, Lorenzo   California 

Bulman, Tim   Boston College

Burt, Larry   Miami (OH)

Crochunis, Vince   Pittsburgh

Coleman, Eric   Clemson


Wake, Derek   Penn State 

Harris, Marques   Southern Utah 

Pollard, Jonathan   Oregon State 

Harrison, Arnold   Georgia 

Enzor, Jamar   Cincinnati

Lawrence, Marcus   South Carolina 

Goolsby, Mike   Notre Dame 

Patterson, Martin   TCU 

Kinney, James   Missouri 


Browner, Brandon   Oregon State 

Elimimian, Abraham   Hawaii  

McKenzie, Chris   Arizona State 

Fontenot, Therrian   Fresno State

Williams, Aric   Oregon State 


Butler, James   Georgia Tech 

Harris, Jermaine   South Carolina 

Body, Patrick   Toledo 

Meeuwsen, Mitch   Oregon State 

Scalley, Morgan   Utah


Shazor, Ernest   Michigan

Brimmer, Jamaal   UNLV 

Bigby, Atari   Central Florida 

Jackson, Jamacia   South Carolina 

Weeks, Marquis   Virginia         

Green, Alex Duke


Round 4 Name School Position
102 Philadelphia (from San Francisco) Sean Considine Iowa S
103 Cleveland Antonio Perkins Oklahoma CB/RT
104 Miami Travis Daniels LSU CB
105 Seattle (from Oakland) Ray Willis Florida State OT
106 Chicago Kyle Orton Purdue QB
107 Tampa Bay Dan Buenning Wisconsin OG
108 Tennessee Vincent Fuller Virginia Tech DB
109 Dallas Marion Barber III Minnesota RB
110 New York Giants Brandon Jacobs Southern Illinois RB
111 Arizona Elton Brown Virginia OG
112 Minnesota (from Washington) Ciatrick Fason Florida RB
113 Tennessee (from Detroit) David Stewart Mississippi State OT
114 Houston Jerome Mathis Hampton U. WR/RT
115 Green Bay (from Carolina) Marviel Underwood San Diego State S
116 Kansas City Craphonso Thorpe Florida State WR
117 St. Louis Jerome Carter Florida State S
118 New Orleans Chase Lyman California WR
119 Cincinnati Eric Ghiaciuc Central Michigan OC
120 Washington (from Minnesota) Manuel White UCLA FB/RB
121 Carolina (Seattle) Stefan Lefors Louisville QB
122 Buffalo Duke Preston Illinois OC
123 NY Jets (from Jacksonville) Kerry Rhodes Louisville DB
124 Baltimore Jason Brown North Carolina OC
125 Green Bay Brady Poppinga BYU DE/LB
126 Philadelphia (from Green Bay thru Carolina Seattle, Denver and Cleveland) Todd Herremans Saginaw Valley State OT
127 Jacksonville (from New York Jets) Alvin Pearman Virginia RB
128 Atlanta Chauncey Davis Florida State DE/LB
129 Indianapolis Dylan Gandy Texas Tech OL
130 San Diego Darren Sproles Kansas State RB/RT
131 Pittsburgh Fred Gibson Georgia WR
132 Dallas (from Philadelphia) Chris Canty Virginia DL
133 New England James Sanders Fresno State S
134(c) St. Louis Claude Terrell New Mexico OG
135(c) Indianapolis Matt Giordano California S
136(c) Tennessee Roydell Williams Tulane WR

Round 5 Name School Position
137 San Francisco Ronald Fields Mississippi State DT
138 Kansas City (Miami) Boomer Grigsby Illinois State LB
139 Cleveland David McMillan Kansas DE/LB
140 Chicago Airese Currie Clemson WR/RT
141 Tampa Bay Donte Nicholson Oklahoma S
142 Tennessee Damien Nash Missouri RB
143 Green Bay (from Oakland) Junius Coston N.C. A&T OL
144 St. Louis (from Tampa Bay thru New York Giants, San Diego) Jerome Collins Notre Dame TE
145 Detroit (from New England (thru Arizona) Dan Orlovsky Connecticut QB
146 Philadelphia (from Washington) Trent Cole Cincinnati DE/LB
147 Kansas City (from Detroit) Alphonso Hodge Miami, OH DB
148 Indianapolis (from Philadelphia thru Dallas) Jonathan Welsh Wisconsin DE/LB
149 Carolina Adam Seward UNLV LB
150 Tennessee (from Kansas City) Daniel Loper Texas Tech OT
151 Houston Drew Hodgdon Arizona State OC
152 New Orleans Adrian McPherson Florida State QB
153 Cincinnati Adam Kieft Central Michigan OT
154 Washington (from Minnesota) Robert McCune Louisville LB
155 Tampa Bay (from St. Louis) Larry Brackins Pearl River CC (MS) WR
156 Buffalo Eric King Wake Forest CB
157 Jacksonville Gerald Sensabaugh North Carolina S
158 Baltimore Justin Green Montana FB
159 Seattle Jeb Huckeba Arkansas DE
160 Atlanta (from Denver) Michael Boley Southern Mississippi LB
161 New York Jets Andre Maddox N.C. State S
162 Miami (from Green Bay thru KC) Anthony Alabi TCU OT
163 Atlanta Frank Omiyale Tennessee Tech OT
164 San Diego Wesley Britt Alabama OT
165 Indianapolis Rob Hunt North Dakota State OC
166 Pittsburgh Rian Wallace Temple LB
167 Green Bay (from Philadelphia) Michael Hawkins Oklahoma CB
168 Arizona (from New England) Lance Mitchell Oklahoma LB
169(c) Carolina Geoff Hangartner Texas A&M OL
170(c) New England Ryan Claridge UNLV LB
171(c) Carolina Ben Emanuel II UCLA S
172(c) Philadelphia Scott Young BYU OL
173(c) Indianapolis Tyjuan Hagler Cincinnati LB
174(c) San Francisco Rasheed Marshall West Virginia WR/RT

Round 6 Name School Position
175 Oakland (from New England thru Green Bay, San Francisco) Anttaj Hawthorne Wisconsin DT
176 Cleveland Nick Speegle New Mexico OLB
177 San Diego (from Miami) Wes Sims Oklahoma OG
178 Tampa Bay Anthony Bryant Alabama DT
179 Tennessee Bo Scaife Texas TE
180 Green Bay (from Oakland) Mike Montgomery Texas A&M DL
181 Chicago Chris Harris Louisiana-Monroe S
182 NY Jets (from Oakland thru Arizona) Cedric Houston Tennessee RB
183 Washington Jared Newberry Stanford LB
184 Detroit Bill Swancutt Oregon State DE
185 Jacksonville (from Oakland thru Dallas) Chad Owens Hawaii WR/RT
186 NY Giants Eric Moore Florida State DE/LB
187 Kansas City Will Svitek Stanford OL/DL
188 Houston C.C. Brown Louisiana-Lafayette DB
189 Carolina Jovan Haye Vanderbilt DE
190 Cincinnati Tab Perry UCLA WR
191 Minnesota C.J. Mosley Missouri DT
192 St. Louis Dante Ridgeway Ball State WR
193 New Orleans Jason Jefferson Wisconsin DT
194 Jacksonville Patrick Thomas N.C. State S
195 Green Bay (from New England thru Baltimore) Craig Bragg UCLA WR
196 Seattle Tony Jackson Iowa TE
197 Buffalo Justin Geisinger Vanderbilt OL
198 New York Jets Joel Dreessen Colorado State TE/DS
199 Kansas City (from Green Bay) Khari Long Baylor DE
200 Denver Chris Myers Miami OL
201 Atlanta DeAndra Cobb Michigan State RB/RT
202 Indianapolis Dave Raymer Michigan State K/P
203 Cleveland (from Tampa Bay thru San Diego) Andrew Hoffman Virginia DT
204 Pittsburgh Chris Kemoeatu Utah OG
205 San Francisco (from Philadelphia) Derrick Johnson Washington CB
206 Detroit (from New England) Jonathan Goddard Marshall LB/DE
207(c) Carolina Joe Berger Michigan Tech OL
208(c) Dallas Justin Beriault Ball State S
209(c) Dallas Rob Petitti Pittsburgh OL
210(c) St. Louis Reggie Hodges Ball State P
211(c) Philadelphia Calvin Armstrong Washington State OL
212(c) Oakland Ryan Riddle California LB/DE
213(c) Baltimore Derek Anderson Oregon State QB
214(c) Oakland Peter McMahon Iowa OL

Round 7 Name School Position
215 San Francisco Daven Holly Cincinnati CB
216 Miami Kevin Vickerson Michigan State DT
217 Cleveland Jon Dunn Virginia Tech OT
218 Tennessee Reynaldo Hill Florida CB
219 Minnesota (from Oakland) Adrian Ward UTEP CB
220 Chicago Rodigues Wilson South Carolina S/LB
221 Tampa Bay Rick Razzano Mississippi FB
222 Washington Nehemiah Broughton Citadel RB
223 San Francisco (from Detroit) Marcus Maxwell Oregon WR
224 Dallas Jay Ratliff Auburn DL
225 Tampa Bay (from NY Giants) Paris Warren Utah WR
226 Arizona LeRon McCoy Indiana, PA WR
227 Houston Kenneth Pettway Grambling State DE/LB
228 Pittsburgh (from Carolina) Shaun Noa BYU DE
229 Kansas City James Kilian Tulsa QB
230 New England (from Oakland thru New York Jets, Minnesota) Matt Cassel USC QB
231 Tampa Bay (from St. Louis) Hamza Abdullah Washington State S
232 New Orleans Jimmy Verdon Arizona State DL
233 Cincinnati Jonathan Fanene Utah DL
234 Baltimore Mike Smith Texas Tech LB
235 Seattle Cornelius Wortham Alabama LB
236 Buffalo Lionel Gates Louisville RB
237 Jacksonville Chris Roberson Eastern Michigan CB
238 Kansas City (from Green Bay) Jeremy Parquet Southern Mississippi OT
239 Denver Paul Ernster Northern Arizona P/K
240 New York Jets Harry Williams Tuskegee WR
241 Atlanta Darrell Shropshire South Carolina DT
242 San Diego Scott Mruczkowski Bowling Green OL
243 Indianapolis Anthony Davis Wisconsin RB
244 Pittsburgh Noah Herron Northwestern RB
245 Green Bay (from Philadelphia) Kurt Campbell Albany, NY DB
246 Green Bay (from New England) Will Whittacker Michigan State OG
247(c) Philadelphia Keyonta Marshall Grand Valley State DT
248(c) San Francisco Patrick Estes Virginia TE
249(c) San Francisco Billy Bajema Oklahoma State TE
250(c) St. Louis Ryan Fitzpatrick Harvard QB
251(c) St. Louis Madison Hedgecock North Carolina FB/TE
252(c) Philadelphia David Bergeron Stanford LB
253(c) Tampa Bay J.R. Russell Louisville WR
254(c) Seattle Doug Nienhaus Oregon State OL
255(c) New England Andy Stokes William Penn, IA TE


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