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April 01, 2005

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HOBART, NY (April) senior offensive lineman ALEX BELL (#77) is available to work out for scouts/coaches on-campus anytime between now and the draft... has all the raw tools you desire in an offensive lineman... quick on his feet... shows terrific balance and mobility on his tapes... can get out and pull... good, but not great finisher right now... but is a terrific all-around athlete... weighs 6026, 325 pounds... has run between 5.02 and 5.08 in the 40; which is faster than the 5.20 estimate our staff posted earlier this year... 25-28 reps of 225 pounds... 33-35" vertical... but can also dunk a basketball from a standing position at his size... also played college basketball for the school... has a great attitude and personality, both on and off the field... granted it was against Division III competition, but his tapes against Franklin & Marshall, St. Lawrence and Rowan are very formidable... also, keep an eye on senior-to-be cornerback DYSHAWN WASHINGTON (#2), who caught our attention while evaluating Bell... those who have read our reports since last summer will remember that Alex Bell was one of our Top-50 rated offensive guards (#46) in August and was recently #40 when our pre-combine grades were released in February.

UT-CHATTANOOGA (April 2nd) senior wide receiver ALONZO NIX (#4) was shutout once again earlier this week, as no one was able to schedule their attendance at UTC on March 29th... he is training in the New Orleans area, so one of our staff members will be timing him as part of his scheduled workout on Saturday... earlier he ran between 4.53 and 4.56 on an outdoor grass field, as part of a workout held at Laurel High School (MS) on March 23rd.

TENNESSEE (April 6th) senior linebacker KEVIN BURNETT will workout again for scouts on April 6th, as he missed the school's second Pro Day on March 30th, as he was slowed by an illness, which kept him from being available. Please contact his agent for more information.

SHAW U. senior linebacker CHRIS PEAVY (#44) did not have the chance to work out recently, as their Pro Day was scheduled for the same day as the one at N.C. State, but the poor weather had scouts told they would be available at the larger school... although Peavy was not made aware of that possibility... weighs 6016, 238 pounds... has been timed between 4.65 and 4.70 range in the 40... top games were Kentucky State, Fayetteville State and Tuskegee... also played in this year's LVAAC, where he wore #44 on the East roster... plans to do a complete workout at school early next week, which will also be videotaped... any team that can schedule a workout for him can contact our staff for more information, as he is available on-campus through the draft.

SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT STATE senior quarterback MIKE ABATE has been weighed in at between 6016 and 6021, 233 pounds... there have been a number of requests made for that info, as some teams have said they were told/heard he was 6000 or under... also former NFL QB coach Terry Hanratty has been working with him over the past few months... impressed by his arm strength and upside potential... Abate will be available on-campus to workout anytime between now and the draft... Please contact his agent for more information.

MISSOURI senior defensive back NINO WILLIAMS (#22)... senior wide receiver THOMSON OMBOGA (#87) and senior linebacker HENRY SWEAT (#46) are all interested in working out for scouts again before the draft... Omboga and Sweat were not 100% for the school's first Pro Day... while Williams is wanting to improve upon his initial results; 4.80 in the 40, 4.20 short shuttle, 31" vertical and 9'7" broad jump... please contact their individual agents for more information and to schedule the best date/time to attend.

PRO DAY RESULTS (As of April 1st):

LSU (March 31st) senior defensive lineman MARCUS SPEARS ran between 5.02 and 5.08 in the 40... some had him a little slower (5.10)... 4.42/4.46 short shuttle... 7.70/7.72 three-cone... 31" vertical... 23 reps of 225 pounds... decided not to broad jump, as his knee is not yet 100%... weighed in at 6035, 304 pounds... senior center BEN WILKERSON is not yet 100% recovered from off-season knee surgery... but said he feels about 80-85%... probably won't be fully ready for rookie mini-camps, so more of a target date would be full-go for regular training camp... did some positional drills... weighed in at 6035, 303 pounds... senior cornerback COREY WEBSTER ran between 4.48 and 4.52 in the 40... 4.01 short shuttle... 6.90/6.92 three-cone... 39" vertical... 10'4" broad jump and also did 13 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 5116, 200 pounds... senior defensive back TRAVIS DANIELS ran between 4.45 and 4.49 in the 40... which was faster than the mid-to-late 4.5's he posted at the first Pro Day... 6.62/6.68 three-cone... which was also much better than his first results... also did seven reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6004, 191 pounds... all of the times were recorded on an indoor turf-surface, as the weather prevented them from working outside, as the workout started at 1pm, and there was rain throughout the day.

Former OHIO STATE (March 31st) running back MAURICE CLARETT ran between 4.65 and 4.68 in the 40... some had him a little slower (4.68/4.72)... 4.42 short shuttle... 7.41 three-cone... 12.06 60-yard... also did a full positional workout after his initial drills, which including catching passes... where he did much better than in past opportunities... weighed in at 5104, 236 pounds... has continued to workout since the Combine... had no issues with completing his workout; even had a sleeker, new hair cut to display... all of his times were recorded on an indoor turf-type surface, as early morning weather conditions made them switch from an outdoor high school field to the indoor complex... a total of eight teams were in attendance, including Baltimore, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Miami, New England, Pittsburgh and St. Louis.

MISSISSIPPI STATE (March 30th) senior defensive tackle RONALD FIELDS ran between 4.97 and 5.02 in the 40... some had him as fast as 4.92... 32" vertical... 8'3" broad jump and also did 22 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6022, 297 pounds... decided to shed some of the extra weight he put on while training for the Combine... increased his vertical and ran a faster 40-time at the Pro Day... received additional interest from Minnesota and San Diego... also been closely evaluated by Miami... has established himself in the "Second" group of defensive tackles, especially since he can play NT or DT... will be drafted higher than some expect... senior offensive tackle DAVID STEWART pulled his left hamstring on his first 40-yard dash attempt... no time was recorded... 34" vertical... 8'9" broad jump and also did 28 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6064, 318 pounds... also did positional drills for the three offensive line coaches in attendance... most teams will have to go with 5.25/5.30 range 40-time for him... senior fullback DARNELL JONES ran between 4.92 and 4.97 in the 40... 4.64 short shuttle... 32.5" vertical... 9'2" broad jump and also did 23 reps of 225 pounds... has received additional attention from Chicago, Cleveland and several other teams looking at more conventional, blocker first type fullbacks... senior offensive guard WILL ROGERS (#69) ran between 5.18 and 5.22 in the 40... 30" vertical... 8'1" broad jump and also did 21 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6036, 320 pounds... has shed some of his extra pounds, as he was between 330-339 pounds last summer... also did positional drills for scouts/coaches... started at right guard next to tackle David Stewart... senior running back FRED REID ran between 4.43 and 4.48 in the 40... 4.28 short shuttle... 6.82 three-cone... 38.5" vertical... 9'7" broad jump and also did 15 reps of 225 pounds... weighs 5086, 189 pounds... has some potential an all-purpose back... senior safety SLOVAKIA GRIFFITH (#25) ran between 4.49 and 4.55 in the 40... 4.52 short shuttle... 36" vertical... 9'5" broad jump and also did 18 reps of 225 pounds... weighs 5106, 197 pounds... better athlete than on-field performer... has played some at both safety spots, but would have to make a name for himself on special teams... senior wide receiver MCKINLEY SCOTT (#1) ran between 4.52 and 4.58 in the 40... 4.35 short shuttle... 7.02 three-cone... 37" vertical... 10'2" broad jump... weighs 5112, 195 pounds... senior punter JARED COOK (#43) did positional work for scouts/coaches... had a very steady career, but does not stand out in any one category... hang times vary and does not show the strongest of legs from week to week... weighs 5093, 188 pounds... several other senior prospects worked out, but none are considered to be true NFL prospects at this time... all times were recorded on an outdoor turf-type surface; there was some wind, but players ran both with and against the wind.

SOUTHERN U, LA (March 31st) senior cornerback/return man KEVIN MOFFETT (#37) ran between 4.32/4.34 in the 40... only ran one time, as he pulled up with a tight left hamstring, and was not able to complete his workout... while his technique and skills are a bit raw at cornerback... his tapes show plenty of playmaking skills on special teams, both as a return man and blocking kicks... very good on coverage units... stronger than his size would indicate, as well (14-15 reps of 225 pounds)... senior offensive lineman MYNIYA SMITH (#75) ran between 5.31 and 5.38 in the 40... weighs 6045, 335 pounds... has shed some of his extra pounds, as he was 350 pounds at the HBCU All-Star Classic... 35" arms... 10 1/2" hands... did shuttle drills on an indoor basketball floor, so the times are not really representable... senior cornerback AHMAD TREAUDO (#19) ran between 4.37 and 4.42 in the 40... weighs 5104, 181 pounds... 32 1/2" arms... 9" hands... had been timed in the early-to-mid 4.4's at his first Pro Day... and ran 4.51 and 4.53 in the 40 at the HBCU All-Star Classic... jumped out on game film this year by recording nine interceptions... quick, fluid cover corner that shows some potential in man coverage, but is not a firm tackler... will bite on double moves... and jumps on shorter routes at times... has the body to increase his playing weight towards 190 pounds... played sparingly besides special teams until this season, but did the same as a high school senior, as he wowed college coaches by grabbing 13 picks in his first full year as a starter at that level too... was named after former NFL standout Ahmad Rashad... at least 12-13 teams were present for this workout, as it started at 9AM before the workout at LSU, as scouts feared it would be raining by the afternoon, but it rained pretty much all day... times were recorded on an outdoor track surface, while the shuttle and other drills were done on an indoor basketball court.

PORTLAND STATE (March 30th) senior outside linebacker/defensive end ANDREW DORSEY (#17) ran between 4.60 and 4.61 in the 40... 4.42 short shuttle... 7.02 three-cone... 33" vertical... 10'1" broad jump and also did 16 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6014, 233 pounds... had played at between 245-250 pounds... looked good in the positional drills... played mostly defensive end the past two years, having been a linebacker at junior college... had 14.5 tackles for loss and 5.5 sacks over the past two years... recovered five fumbles as a senior... Montana (2003) is the tape that best shows his ability... high motor guy with very good special teams potential... along the lines of Jordan Kramer (Tennessee/Atlanta)... #17 on game film.

TOLEDO (March 29th) senior defensive back PATRICK BODY ran between 4.40 and 4.45 in the 40... 4.24 short shuttle... 6.95 three-cone... 11.40 60-yard... 10'4" broad jump and also did 14 reps of 225 pounds; fully recovered from broken arm in late December (27th)... 42.9" vertical... the odd measurement came as the vertical was done on an electronic pad, which gives results in tenths of an inch... so it is 42 9/10"... weighed in at 6015, 192 pounds... had done faster times in most areas at the school's first Pro Day, but had a bit of a tight left hamstring at this workout... did a full positional workout afterwards for Cincinnati... also did some wide receiver drills for scouts from Pittsburgh... pound for pound he is one of the best athletes in the draft... might have an interesting added dimension of providing depth on both sides of the ball early in his career.

DARTMOUTH (March 30th) senior defensive tackle DERHAM CATO (#93) ran between 5.02 and 5.08 in the 40... 4.47 short shuttle... 7.40 three-cone... 29" vertical... 8'1" broad jump and also did 27 reps of 225 pounds... since scouts were unable to attend the school's original Pro Day last week... the senior prospects did a full workout for the strength and conditioning coach, which was videotaped... please contact his agent to receive a copy of the tape or to setup a time/date to work him out on-campus before the draft.

UTEP (March 29th) senior cornerback ADRIAN WARD (#3) ran between 4.35 and 4.37 in the 40 during a private workout with Chicago... ran between 4.37 and 4.40 in the 40 at his Pro Day... 39" vertical... weighed in at 5110, 173 pounds... started at LCB this past season... senior linebacker ROBERT RODRIGUEZ (#43) ran between 4.78 and 4.80 in the 40 during a private workout with Chicago... also did 22 reps of 225 pounds... weighed 6000, 237 pounds... both players are available for workouts on-campus before the draft. Please contact their agent for more information.

COLORADO SCHOOL OF THE MINES (Late March) senior safety DANIEL LEGER ran between 4.50 and 4.51 in the 40... 1.58 10-yard... 4.29 short shuttle... 7.13 three-cone... weighed in at 6000, 213 pounds... these results came during a pair of private workouts over the past two weeks with Buffalo and Philadelphia... Kansas City has also shown some interest in recent weeks.

CONNECTICUT (Late March) senior center BILLY IRWIN (#58) ran between 5.11 and 5.15 in the 40... 28.5" vertical... 8'3" broad jump and also did 16 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6016, 296 pounds... his results came as part of the school's Pro Day.

IDAHO STATE (Late March) senior offensive tackle STEVE BURCH ran between 5.38 and 5.42 in the 40... weighed in at 6042, 310 pounds... his results came as part of his second Pro Day, which was held on March 24th, on an indoor turf surface. EASTERN WASHINGTON (March) senior defensive tackle BRANDON MEYERS ran between 4.90 and 5.00 in the 40... weighed in at 6010, 287 pounds... his results came as part of his Pro Day, which was held on March 8th.

WESTERN MONTANA (March) senior punter/kicker ERIC ZAHLER is a Division II standout with impressive leg strength... most/all of his kickoffs sail into the endzone... currently working out with kicking specialist Ray Pelfrey in Reno, Nevada, whose son, Doug, kicked in the NFL... has room to grow/improve as a punter, but has the chance to contribute initially as a kickoff specialist... consistent readers of our reports will remember that Zahler was our #23 rated punter in our pre-combine rankings... he is available for workouts leading up to the draft. Please contact his agent for more information.


AUBURN senior defensive lineman JAY RATLIFF, senior running backs RONNIE BROWN and CARNELL WILLIAMS, senior cornerback CARLOS ROGERS were all part of a private workout held on-campus for the Miami Dolphins, including head coach Nick Saban on Wednesday, March 30th.

ALABAMA senior offensive guard DANNY MARTZ will have a private workout with Washington later today.

AUBURN senior defensive lineman JAY RATLIFF has private visits with Green Bay and San Diego scheduled for next week... and will also visit Atlanta on March 12/13.

CALIFORNIA junior quarterback AARON RODGERS has a private visit scheduled with San Francisco.

CONNECTICUT senior center BILLY IRWIN will have a private workout with Washington later today.

DELAWARE senior defensive lineman CHRIS MOONEY will have a private workout with the NY Giants on April 9th.

DUKE senior defensive back ALEX GREEN will have a private workout with Washington later today.

FORDHAM senior cornerback/return man TAD KORNEGAY ran 4.04 short shuttle... 6.60 three-cone... 37" vertical... 10'0" broad jump... 17 reps of 225 pounds... also did positional drills... his results came as part of a private workout held at Princeton on Thursday for San Francisco.

GEORGIA junior linebacker ODELL THURMAN has private visits scheduled with Baltimore (14th-15th), Carolina (11th), Chicago (5th), Cincinnati (7th-8th), Jackonville (12th-13th) and New Orleans (4th) over the next few weeks.

GEORGIA TECH senior offensive tackle KYLE WALLACE has been drawing a lot of additional attention since his Pro Day... his workouts were on-par with many of the top-rated tackles... he had gotten into excellent shape while training at CES with Chip Smith... and since he is also nearly a full year younger than most available lineman... teams are viewing his size and upside as making him an interesting mid-to-late round choice.

HOWARD U. senior linebacker MICHAEL SANDERS and senior offensive lineman BRANDON TORREY will have a private workout with Washington later today.

IOWA STATE senior offensive lineman CALE STUBBE will have a private workout with Minnesota later today.

JACKSON STATE senior wide receiver CHRIS JONES (#3) had a private workout with Philadelphia on Tuesday (March 29th)... he has one setup next week with the NY Giants (Wednesday) and has also been contacted by Green Bay, Miami Minnesota and New Orleans... he will also have an MRI on his right shoulder next Monday, so the results should be made available by late next week... ran between 4.43 and 4.46 at his Pro Day earlier this month... weighs 6016, 201 pounds.

KANSAS STATE senior wide receiver ANTHONY MADISON had a private workout for Kansas City recently... has also drawn a lot of interest from both the NY Giants and NY Jets... he is available for additional workouts on campus between now and the draft... please contact his agent for more information... FYI... if anyone received the incorrect vertical on him from his Pro Day it was 42"... as some had gotten a much lower number initially, including our staff. LEHIGH senior tight end ADAM BERGEN had a private workout with Minnesota last week, which was done by TE coach John Tice... has a private visit scheduled with Philadelphia next week.

MARYLAND junior defensive end/linebacker SHAWNE MERRIMAN will have a private workout with Washington later today.

MEMPHIS senior fullback ROBERT DOUGLAS has a private workout with Seattle scheduled for April 7th... had a private workout with Philadelphia on Thursday.

MICHIGAN senior wide receiver BRAYLON EDWARDS has a private visit scheduled with San Francisco.

NORTH CAROLINA A&T senior offensive lineman JUNIUS COSTON is in the process of changing agents, so for NFL teams there is now a chance that his trade day and cell numbers will also change... our staff will look to have update numbers and agent information by early next week.

NORTHWESTERN STATE, LA senior fullback ISSA BANNA will have a private workout with Dallas on April 8th... San Francisco has also shown additional interest in him.

OKLAHOMA senior wide receiver WILL PEOPLES has private visits with Chicago and Green Bay scheduled for next week.

TEMPLE junior defensive tackle A.J. LINDSAY (#74) has a private visit with Jacksonville scheduled for next week... has received additional attention from Atlanta, Detroit, Green Bay, Jacksonville, Kansas City and Miami... top games to review include Boston College, Syracuse, Pittsburgh and West Virginia... played mostly as a 3-technique DT, but also took some snaps at nose tackle... weighed in at 6024, 315 pounds, but played most of his career at 305 pounds... 10-yard time was 1.82 at his Pro Day... tallied 23 on the Wonderlic... there was a very average surface for the shuttle and cone drills at his Pro Day... previously, had done 4.51/4.53 in the short shuttle... 7.6/7.8 in the three-cone... was very impressive in his positional drills... coached by former NFL DL coach Rubin Carter at Temple.

TENNESSEE TECH senior offensive tackle FRANK OMIYALE has had a total of 12 private workouts to date... with 3-4 other teams trying to schedule workouts over the next 7-10 days... Miami and Tennessee are two teams that have the most recent private workouts scheduled... seems to be following in the steps of small school linemen like Courtney Van Buren (3rd in 2003) and Jeff Hatch (3rd in 2002) in the sense that he could be drafted higher based on his long-range, upside potential.

TEXAS senior linebacker DERRICK JOHNSON has been receiving additional attention from Cleveland, Miami, Minnesota, Tampa Bay and Tennessee... the Miami interest came at his Pro Day, as they did individual drills with him, but head coach Nick Saban was not in attendance.

UTAH junior quarterback ALEX SMITH has a private visit scheduled with San Francisco.

UTAH senior defensive tackle SIONE POUHA has a private visit with New England scheduled.

UTAH senior offensive guard CHRIS KEMOEATU has a private visit with Baltimore scheduled.

UTAH senior defensive back/return man MORGAN SCALLEY has been drawing additional attention from Baltimore, Kansas City, New Orleans and Tampa Bay.

UTAH senior running back MARTY JOHNSON has had private workouts with Miami, New Orleans and NY Giants... on a more serious, but positive note, Johnson, who had several off-field issues earlier in his career, has been clean/sober for nearly two years with not a hint or negative word mentioned by a staff member or former teammate and also gets a full recommendation from former head coach Urban Meyer.

VANDERBILT senior wide receiver BRANDON SMITH has a private workout with Tennessee scheduled for April 6th... he has twice been timed at-or-below 4.4, both at the Pro Day's held at Tulane and then Vanderbilt.

VIRGINIA senior safety MARQUIS WEEKS had a private workout with Baltimore on Thursday.

WASHINGTON senior offensive tackle KHALIF BARNES has private visits with Jackonsville, Philadelphia, Seattle and Tennessee scheduled for the next few weeks... Carolina, Houston and St. Louis have also shown a lot of interest in him.