By: Bob George/
January 12, 2005

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He won't go down in history as one of the kicking stalwarts of the game. But Steve Myhra played an important role in what is still perceived by many as the greatest game in NFL history. His 20-yard field goal tied the 1958 NFL Championship Game and sent it into overtime. It was the first overtime game in NFL history. His Colt squad proceeded to upend the hometown New York Giants, 23-17 when Alan Ameche plowed in from one yard out on their first possession of the extra stanza. This was Myhra's 15 minutes of fame, as other kickers in Colt history have greatly eclipsed his efforts. But for one game, Myhra shone brightly and helped the Colts win a world championship. He steps into one, straight on, and booms it to about the seven-yard line.

What would happen if you put Jerry Rice's brain inside of Randy Moss' body?

About five Super Bowl wins for the Vikings, records galore that would belong to Moss instead of Rice, and perhaps a seat in the U.S. Senate when he retires (Steve Largent became a Congressman).

Instead, you get pouty-face walking off the field early one week, and then Mister Moonface the next. Some day, just for laughs, ask Bill Belichick if he would ever let this guy play for the Patriots.

Then ask Bob Kraft.

Then ask Myra.

Someone ask Shawn Alexander if he's still miffed over losing the rushing title by one yard, or if he's got other depressing thoughts right now.

Jake Plummer is the most overrated quarterback in the NFL. His one shining moment was helping the Cardinals win a playoff game for the first time in some 50 years. Other than that, what has he done?

Geek of the week: Marty Schottenheimer should bring in a special assistant bench coach to help get him to a Super Bowl. He can't do it himself.

Had the Colts lost Sunday, the Jets would be coming to Foxborough next weekend. Jets or Colts? Name your poison.

Curtis Martin or Peyton Manning. Both want to kill the Patriots, for completely different reasons.

Were you amazed that Mike Martz didn't screw that game up? For once, a sure win stayed a win.

The home fans in Seattle and San Diego deserved a better ending to their season than they got.

Sooner or later, someone in Cheesehead land has to decide how much longer they will stand by and watch Brett Favre throw those picks and eat away at his great legacy.

Because you will literally have to tear Favre's jersey off to get him to step down as Packer quarterback.

How the Vikings deal with Randy Moss is deplorable.

And it starts at the top with the owner, Red McCombs: "If they guys in the locker room are okay with what he does, I'm okay with it too!”

Fine. Someone tell the New York Daily News to keep Lisa Olson the hell out of the Viking clubhouse.

You just never know. St. Louis and Minnesota backed into the playoffs with as much dignity as a Randy Moss touchdown, and it's Denver that winds up looking like overmatched boys out there.

Back to school: If Pete Carroll leaves USC for the NFL, he should be sent to a mental institution.

What will really be sick next weekend is that the Vikings will have Moss and the Eagles won't have T.O.

Now wouldn't that have been something. The Battle of the High Maintenance Men. Nicollette's Big Stud versus Mister Moonface. What final score? The game would be just a ton of "Throw me the damn ball!”s and tasteless end zone dances. Paul Tagliabue would sit back and admire his two NFL poster boys, right?

Why announce Ty Law's trip to IR on Friday instead of game time?

Simple. Bill Belichick has a reason. The Colts will find out that reason next Sunday, along with the rest of us.

LaDainian Tomlinson proved that he alone couldn't carry the Charger offense on his shoulders alone.

By the way, did Antonio Gates walk up to his coach after the game and re-introduce himself?

You thought Troy Brown picking Drew Bledsoe was awesome? Wait and see how you feel if he picks Manning.

You might have wondered if the ESPN crew doing the Seattle-St. Louis game had done their homework on the home team. They spent all game long bagging on Darrell Jackson for "not being into the game”, and he led the team with 12 catches for 128 yards.

Bag on Bobby "Jackie Smith” Engram instead.

Remember him: Quick, how many guys from Amherst College make it in the NFL? One of them was a wideout named Freddie Scott. He played for the Colts from 1974 to 1977 before embarking on the best years of his career in Detroit. He was the third receiver in the Colt lineup, behind Roger Carr and Glenn Doughty. But he was a nice alternative target for Bert Jones, as he hauled in 18 catches in both his first and last years as a Colt. He was hampered in 1975 and 1976 with injuries. He would grab a career high 62 catches in 1979 and top the 1,000-yard mark for the only time in his career in 1981, both of these feats coming as a Lion. But he ranks as one of the most prominent Lord Jeff alums, a proud graduate of the oldest collegiate athletic program in the nation.

And how about that "biggest little game in America”, Amherst versus Williams? Harvard and Yale ain't got nothin' on that heated rivalry.

It's on to the divisionals, and our rhyming predictions. We'll see if we can do better than 2-2 from last week.

St. Louis now gets to deal with Vick.

Their defense puffs and pants, Rams go home quick.

Mike Tice needs to go out to the woodshed with Moss.

Then, without Owens, show the Eagles who's boss.

Roethlisberger will soon be in over his head.

But against the Jets, he is not quite yet dead.

Peyton is rejoicing over getting to miss Law.

But he won't miss Belichick; he once again looks on in awe.