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November 16, 2004


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He achieved fame in Kansas City. But few people know where he got his start. He kicked for the Chiefs from 1980 to 1993 and is third in NFL history in most career field goals made. This guy has an unbelievable 80.1 career field goal percentage, and missed only five conversions in his entire 18-year career. Why can't the Patriots get kickers like this? Whoops, they did. Early on in the 1978 season, John Smith went down with an injury and was put on injured reserve. Chuck Fairbanks brought in this free agent kicker, and he helped the Patriots win a Sunday night clash out in Oakland, 21-14. Thus began the career of the great Nick Lowery, who yielded his job after only two weeks to David Posey, who would become known as the kicker who made the kick which won the AFC East that year. Lowery booms one out of the Arrowhead Stadium end zone, naturally.

Drew Bledsoe was completely scuttled last night. Not on the field. In the media. In both Buffalo and Boston.

And the message is clear. Retire, Drew.

He won't. You'll have to kill him before he hangs ‘em up.

What is it with Ed Reed and these triple digit pick returns?

Someone tell Joe Gibbs to just leave Patrick Ramsey in there. He's good. Ask Tom Brady.

All the heart Vinny Testaverde might have can't prevent a lousy defense from getting torched by Donovan McNabb and his gang.

No Priest Holmes on Monday night? Chief Nation is bumming.

The Patriots have never won at Arrowhead in their history. Are they still bumming?

Geek of the week: It's hilarious. Dick Curl was hired by Jet coach Herman Edwards for one reason: Clock management.

Every Patriot fan should enjoy every second of prosperity. Just look at the 49ers and a dynasty gone bad.

Or, listen to Bill Parcells: "The circus doesn't stay in town forever!”

Carolina-San Francisco was one of those games where the folks at DirecTV had to be gnashing their teeth at the waste of channel space on their satellite.

Gerard Warren's big mouth helped get Joey Porter tossed from the game Sunday.

Not that it mattered.

It's Eli Manning time in Gotham. His pappy got him that gig, now it's probably time for him to get clobbered like his pappy did.

And it should be J.P. Losman time in Buffalo.

In Miami? They'd do better giving Michael Bishop a shot rather than going with the crumbums they have right now.

Chris Canty has finally hit it big in football. Arena football. Nice pick, Bobby Grier.

You laughed at Bledsoe when he threw that pick to Troy Brown. Hopefully the laughing has stopped by now, because what has happened to Bledsoe isn't funny at all.

We're talking years and years of getting clobbered thanks to offensive lines that can't block worth a lick. Drew needs to become a full-time daddy and ensure he has a good quality of life now and forever.

Back to school: It's Big Game weekend coming up. This writer will naturally be focused on the Alma Mater of Tom Brady and Ty Law.

Strange things happening: A safety decides an overtime game between Tennessee and Chicago, but a rouge point up in Canada between Saskatchewan and British Columbia does not. Guess you have to win by two in the CFL, who knows.

The Patriots are praying that they get a rematch with the Steelers in the playoffs.

Dinner table at the Manning household. Hey, Peyton! How many touchdowns did you throw Sunday? Show your brother how!

It figures that Jerry Jones plans to build the biggest, baddest stadium ever. Everyone thinks big in Texas.

But Jones would do well to get some advice of a good friend named Bob Kraft on how to build a good stadium.

Did Curt Schilling really need those crutches?

Speaking of Schilling, how ironic that he hobbles out to thunderous cheers at Gillette Stadium in front of the guy who sold him his Medfield palace.

If Sunday night is the rule and not the exception, the Patriots will go 15-1.

Daunte Culpepper is one of those great players who can only score touchdowns, but can't stop the other team from doing so.

In other words, he's no Troy Brown.

Until Cincinnati learns to put away opponents like Washington, they are nothing more than a .500 team. Even with Carson Palmer.

December 6, 1964. Last time the Patriots won in western Missouruh. 31-24 was the final. Only 13,166 witnessed it.

Remember them: Curley Culp. Buck Buchanan. Aaron Brown. Jerry Mays. Willie Lanier. Jim Lynch. Bobby Bell. Jim Marsalis. Johnny Robinson. Emmitt Thomas. Jim Kearney. What fun it was to watch these guys beat the crap out of the Raiders, back when the Chiefs and Raiders were the centerpiece rivalry in the NFL. Ah, for the good old days.

Nowadays, everyone beats the crap out of the Raiders.

Christian Fauria caught a touchdown pass Sunday night where Jackie Smith would have dropped it.

Break up them Cardinals.

Someone please tell me why NFL Sunday Ticket has still yet to make it to cable?

Chad Pennington still doesn't get it: Stop getting injured, bud.

Johnny Damon had better watch his back. Disneyland may sue him for trademark infringement. Who has the happiest place on earth, Disneyland or Boston?

Right now, it's the city of champions that gets the vote from this corner of the Nation.

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