By: Ian Logue/
October 05, 2004

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MIAMI, FL -- Things are bad in Miami.

Very bad.

The Dolphins are off to one of their worst starts in Franchise history and right now the players have no real idea where they're going.

With his team sitting at 0-4 the only person who even offered a clue was Jason Taylor, who told the Miami Herald after Sunday's loss to the New York Jets, "We're going to New England. That's where we're going."

That's probably the only real response either Taylor or his teammates can offer right now. After all, his team's offense is in complete and utter disarray after scoring just 34-points in its first four games, with their quarterbacks throwing more interceptions for touchdowns (three) than touchdown passes (two).

According to head coach Dave Wannstedt Jay Fiedler will start against New England this weekend in Foxboro, but he hasn't fared much better than teammate A.J. Feeley. In his two games as the starter this season Fiedler is a mere 23-of-46 for 248-yards, no touchdowns, and four interceptions. Before that Feeley was 55-of-97 for 523 yards, thowing two touchdowns and five interceptions.

Not exactly the type of numbers that would inspire any of his teammates.

To make matters worse Fiedler was responsible for all four of the team's turnovers on Sunday, with two fumbles and two interceptions. After the game when facing the Miami media Fiedler took responsibility for his failure on the field.

"The turnovers are going to keep haunting us. I'm going to put them all on me," Fiedler told the Sun Sentinal. "That's just the way I look at it."

One of his fumbles was an ill-advised lateral to tackle Damion McIntosh that should make fans wonder how someone with an ivy-league education could have made such a horrendous decision. While it was clear to anyone inside the stadium that he was going to be sacked, instead of taking the sack he opted to give the ball and the game away.

And if things don't get better in the coming weeks he may have also given away with it whatever hope his team may have had of salvaging their season.

Good teams always seem to find a way to win with the game on the line, while bad teams seem to find ways to give it away. They're about to face a team who is currently on an 18-game winning streak and knows how to not do the latter.

"The turnovers, continues to be the difference in us winning and losing games," Wannstedt told the Miami media on Monday. "We are still a work in progress, and that's obvious to everybody."

He's got that right.

Meanwhile the only thing standing between the Patriots and breaking the record is the team who last achieved it. While New England will likely spend this week telling everyone how it's the last thing on their minds, the Dolphins are saying they also don't care about being the ones who could potentially stop the Patriots at making history. All they care about is trying to salvage a season that for now seems to be headed completely out of control.

"I just want to get one win and worry about it after that," Dolphins middle linebacker Zach Thomas told the Sun Sentinal.

"I don't care about no streak. They've got a great team."

His teammate tight end Randy McMichael may have said it best.

"We had the one undefeated team," McMichael told the newspaper. "If we don't pick it up, we'll have the one winless team."