By: Bob George/
September 14, 2004

NFL notes: Don't be surprised if Wise, Rivers rise up for Patriots
New Patriots DL Danny Shelton preps to hit the hill
Patriots center David Andrews excited with his new Georgia Bulldog teammates
Patriots notebook: Patriots hold bonding time at Children’s Hospital
Guregian: Patriots Hall of Famer Matt Light says there’s more to being a successful offensive lineman than the measurables

This guy once kicked a 67-yard field goal in college. Then he winds up getting drafted in the first round. Kickers don't get that kind of recognition. But Arkansas' Steve Little did, and became a Cardinal in 1978. A tragic automobile accident that left him paralyzed cut short his career, and he never got to show what great long distance potential he had. Asking him to kick off this year's potpourri series is not really in order, so we'll instead bring in the venerable Jim Bakken, who kicked seven field goals in a game in 1967. He steps into one, straight on, of course, and booms it to the five-yard line.

Corey Dillon had a better Week 1 than Rudi Johnson. He had better stats and his side won. You hate to bag on Bengal fans, but they got such delusions of grandeur after a 31-3 win over New England which didn't count.

Happy you came back, Primetime?

We're not making this up: Jerome Bettis had five carries, one yard, three touchdowns. All his touchdowns were one-yard runs. He had a no gainer and a carry that lost two yards.

In other words, inside the five, sit Duce Staley down.

Whoops, make that inside the two.

Mike VanDerJagt and Peyton Manning have been hanging out with Kordell "Sometimes the best team doesn't win!” Stewart too much lately.

Someone simply needs to give the Colts a handbook on "How to win championships”. It's not enough to simply be good on paper.

They're being too easy on Joe Gibbs. How dare he walk back into the Redskin coaching job with a new toy in his back pocket named Clinton Portis?

Speaking of Portis, he's already forgotten in Denver. Quentin Griffith actually looks better than Portis.

Early line on NFL MVP for 2004: The guy with Bridget Moynahan on his arm.

Geek of the Week: Some "liquored-up kicker" who finally missed one after making 42 straight.

Let's hope Pat Summerall doesn't become the next Harry Caray.

And we're talking about things like listening to Caray try and pronounce "Jose Viscaino”, not his glorious past.

Curtis Martin had a nice opener, but as goes Chad Pennington, so go the Jets.

New Raider Ted Washington lost his opener, his former team won theirs. Wish things could have been different here.

Bill Parcells loaded up with Vinny Testaverde, Eddie George and Keyshawn Johnson, but things look like much of the same for the offensively challenged ‘Boys.

The last two times the Patriots and Cardinals have met, the Patriots have won by a combined 58-3 count.

With Bill Belichick at the helm, look for something like 10-9. As long as Belichick has the ten, why complain?

Why did Buffalo lose its opener? How does Drew Bledsoe miss that wide open running back in the end zone on the play where he was sacked at his own seven late in the game?

It's about time Detroit won one on the road. See what happens when you sign free agents like Damien Woody?

That was a neat little win for San Diego. They became the first team in NFL history to beat the Houston Texans in their home opener.

Back to school: Not a bad come from behind win on Friday by The U. If these Florida schools insist on continuing to upstage the more romantic (from a college football standpoint) Midwest, at least they do stage some nice games when they meet.

Speaking of Florida, you have to wonder how much more lousy weather those folks can take.

Let me get this straight. The Patriots "allowed” the Colts all those yards rushing, acting on the belief that sooner or later they would mess something up? Or was that just Tony Dungy being a whiner?

Maybe it's that Belichick is actually smarter than we all think.

Tom Brady is one "Sirius” dude.

Terrell Owens will turn out to be the problem child in Philadelphia that everyone wrongly assumes Dillon will be in New England.

NFL Network's Rich Eisen's lame postgame interview of Dillon consisted of five variations on "Will you be a problem here in New England like you were in Cincinnati?” Dillon was annoyed and looked it, but answered the questions anyway. It's time to lay off Corey.

Curt Schilling is fast becoming the Adam Vinatieri of the Red Sox: a sure thing when it counts the most.

16-0 may not be enough for Viking fans, who still can't believe what happened last December in Tempe.

I hear that the pregame entertainment was lousy Thursday night. Sorry I missed it.

Except for the Boston Pops, but it was rather daffy listening to them play the Monday Night Football theme. Let them stick with good stuff like A Lincoln Portrait and all the other wonderful material in their musical repertoire.

Remember him: The Cardinals went through a little run in 1974-75 where they ruled the NFC East. And at the center of that run was a marvelous running back named Terry Metcalf, someone who never should be forgotten when the long list of great NFL running backs is read. He had a nice offensive line to work with, but this guy was the ultimate "all-purpose yards” guy. Kick and punt returns, rushing, receiving, this guy simply did it all.

If the fans of Miami could fire Dave Wannstedt, it would have been done a long time ago.

Head out to Sun Devil Stadium on Sunday, and it will sound a great deal like Gillette Stadium.

Toss a few thoughts skyward this week in honor of Kevin Faulk's mom. And include a few for old number 33 as well. Always family first.

And when you're done with that, keep the victims and their families of the 9/11 tragedy in your thoughts as well. Never forget the great work that the brothers Andruzzi do, as well as their brave colleagues there and everywhere.

This was some weekend. Hurricanes won't stop football. Neither will terrorists.