By: Ian Logue/
January 21, 2004

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San Francisco 49er's legend Bill Walsh sees a similarity between quarterback Tom Brady and Joe Montana.

Meanwhile, Tampa Bay defensive lineman Warren Sapp, who faced the Carolina Panthers twice this season with the Buccaneers and lost, doesn't see it. He even believes the Carolina Panthers will beat the New England Patriots in the Superbowl.

As a matter of fact, he gives the AFC Champions absolutely no chance of winning their second World Championship in three years.

Let's take it one step further, he believes it's not even going to be close.

Read his lips, Sapp gives the Patriots No Chance of beating the Panthers in the Superbowl.

In an appearance on ESPN's "Parden the Interruption" Sapp cited the main reason why the Patriots will lose is because the Carolina defensive line will dominate the Patriots offensive line. Sapp says of this match-up, "I don't think it's even a fair match-up." His reasoning? Russ Hochstein filling in for the injured Damien Woody. Sapp believes that Woody was the best offensive lineman the Patriots had and can't imagine how Hochstein can fill in and help the Patriots win.

"I don't know how they're getting it done. I've seen Russ Hochstein blocking, he couldn't block neither of you two fellas," said Sapp referring to Hochstein being able to match up against the two hosts of the popular ESPN show.

Sapp feels that if he had a chance to face the Pats offensive line, it wouldn't even be close.

"I've already whooped up on [the Patriots] every time they've seen me," said Sapp. "I say the day they beat me is the day I retire because I'm no longer able to play this game like I should."

When asked if Brady should have been considered as a possible NFL MVP instead of winners Peyton Manning and Steve McNair, Sapp said 'No Way'.

"Peyton Manning and Steve McNair absolutely define what an MVP is," said Sapp. "Peyton Manning with his numbers and Steve with how he carries his team."

"Tom Brady manages the game unbelievable, [he] throws one of the best out balls I've ever seen and does a great job for his team over and over and over again. But he's not the MVP of the league."

Brady's ability to just win still doesn't impress Sapp. "That's in college," said Sapp about Brady's record. "[In College they] give you a chance to win the Heisman because you lead your team to 30 some straight wins or something like that. But in the NFL, no. You've got to put up some numbers and you've got to be the most dominant guy at your position [to win the MVP] and those two beat him out."

Apparently beating both players en-route to a Superbowl appearance didn't prove anything to Sapp. Too bad he'll spend February 1st watching from the sidelines.

Sapp said that the day the Patriots beat him will be the day he retires. It looks like he'll be around until at least 2005, the next time New England will battle the Buccaneers during the regular season.