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By: Ian Logue/
January 01, 2004

Patriots playing it forward, won’t dwell on success

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Solid Performance
Jacoby Brissett had a terrific night as the Patriots improved to 3-0 on the season.

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Add the NFL's Most Valuable Player award to the list of honors that a Patriots player won't be receiving.

Despite his impressive performance this season that has his team currently sitting with a bye week heading into the postseason, quarterback Tom Brady is apparently out of the running for the award which will be announced on Friday afternoon. reports that according to 29 of 48 ballots that were cast and acquired earlier this week by the Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis Colts' quarterback Peyton Manning and Tennessee Titan' QB Steve McNair are the clear front runners.

Both McNair and Manning are heading into the playoffs this weekend looking to win their Wild Card games against the Ravens and Broncos.

Brady meanwhile will be watching film and getting healthy after playing well enough to help his team earn a first round bye.

Brady has directed an offense that has runningbacks Antowain Smith and Kevin Faulk ranked 30th and 31st in the NFL in rushing, and with the team's leading receiver Deion Branch the only player to crack the top 50 wideout list, ranking 32nd in the NFL with 57 catches for 803 yards.

Brady also lead his team to wins over both the Titans and Colts this season.

Despite the fact Brady didn't have the stars that both Indianapolis and Tennessee have on offense, he's still somehow helped lead New England to the NFL's best record at 14-2. Unfortunately for the Patriots quarterback he'll go overlooked this time as the league's MVP.

Hopefully it will motivate him to try and win another Superbowl MVP trophy instead.