By: Bob George/
September 29, 2003

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Tom Brady teases with Instagram comment
Devin McCourty not disappointed in Tom Brady

Whew, all those extra points. Mike VanderJagt will need a heckuva rubdown after that 55-21 rout of New Orleans on Sunday night. One of the greatest kickers in NFL history will likely be extra busy this year, if this Colt offense keeps up this pace they're on. It's amazing that the Colts used to employ someone named Reggie Kight to be used only on kickoffs, when they had this guy all along. It's VanderJagt and no one else on this week's kickoff, and he booms one out the end zone for a touchback.

Against his old teams, Tuna is now 2-0. One more team to go, some bunch of guys in a hick town in the northeast.

I love Kevin Millar's "Cowboy Up" slogan. It really helped the Red Sox. Now, guys like Tom Ashworth, Russ Hochstein, Dan Koppen, Matt Chatham, Tyrone Poole, Eugene Wilson and Dan Klecko need to do just that.

Seeing what Tennessee did at Pittsburgh should not be a welcome sight as Patriot Nation awaits the visit of the Titans next week.

Big week for Minnesota. The Vikes are undefeated, and here come the Yankees.

Someone tell Terrell Owens to sit down and shut up.

Honk if the sight of Daniel Snyder jumping for joy in his owner's box sickened the heck out of you.

Tell me you would have still called Dom Capers a smart coach if David Carr doesn't make that touchdown.

It's okay, members of the Dawg Pound. Cincinnati has to win one once in a while.

Geek of the week: Charlie Weis, and his unwavering zeal to get Larry Centers 1,000 yards rushing this year.

Down 23-13 late in the game, Drew Bledsoe threw the ball away to avoid a sack and stop the clock. Cool.

Not cool. It was fourth down, Drew. The look on his face was priceless.

Priceless. You miss Peerless, Drew?

Denver and Kansas City are a combined 8-0, and they meet next week. And we thought the AFC East was the toughest division in football.

Wonder if Robert Wood Johnson IV thinks it's time for Herman Edwards to hit the road?

The next time the Patriots get a crack at ending the Redskin hex, it will have been 35 years since the Josh Ashton classic.

There is nothing wrong with Tom Brady's arm. His brain may be a little off kilter, though.

Word out of Chicago is that the Windy City folk hate the remake of their own stadium. This writer thought it looked pretty good.

Back to school: You had to see it to believe it. Wazzou shut down the Quack Attack at Autzen Stadium. Bledsoe State U might be Pasadena-bound in January.

I told you last week about how good Indianapolis is. Quit saying, "Gosh, I wish they were still in the AFC East!"

You take Randy Moss. I'll take Marvin Harrison.

Next indispensable Patriot: Tedy Bruschi.

Here's to a long, long, long rehab for Chad Pennington.

That chuckle you hear down in south Florida is Fish Nation, watching all its three sister teams gag on Sunday.

Nobody will ever question Emmitt Smith's love of the game of football. What else would be driving him to play for such sad sacks as the Cardinals?

Once Detroit learns to win games like Sunday, they'll start to scare some teams. But they gave it a good try, at least.

For Peyton Manning to do what he did Sunday night in the same city his father toiled for many years for, ol' Archie had to shed a tear or two. Attaboy, son.

Remember him: O.A. "Bum" Phillips was perhaps the most colorful figure in Houston/Tennessee football history. He'd say "Ah don't wear mah hat indoors 'cause my momma said it was bad manners!" Also, "Don Shula was such a good coach, he can take his'n and beat your'n, then turn around and take your'n and beat his'n!"

Which is pretty much how last year's Super Bowl went.

Lisa Guerrero may be foxy, but Suzy Kolber knows her stuff. And Suzy's no slouch in the beauty department, either.

The Jaguars need a lot more than just Byron Leftwich, and we're not so sure that Mark Brunell should be sent to the glue factory just yet.

Someone should tell CBS that, while planning that stupid pregame show of theirs, their network covers the AFC and that their stories should show a preponderance of AFC interest. The trouble is that CBS is still not over losing the NFC in 1993.

Too bad Tebucky Jones was out Sunday night. He definitely would have held Indianapolis under 50 all by himself.

Can't wait to see the Patriot debut of Mike Cloud.

One of these days, a defensive coordinator will finally devise a scheme which will change Brett Favre permanently into the interception machine he used to be.

Cheers to the Chargers for giving the Raiders a tough battle at Mount Davis.

Now, on to the next tough battle for the home tenant: Pedro Martinez. Go get 'em, Sox.