By: Bob George/
September 15, 2003

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Lost in the shuffle from the shambles of their loss to the Patriots, David Akers got himself a long poke for his dossier. Akers boomed a 57-yard field goal early in the fourth quarter, which didn't impact the game but certainly impacted the poor football he kicked. For a franchise who used to employ such kickers as Tom Dempsey (who holds the NFL record long field goal at 63 yards) and Tony Franklin (who holds the Eagle record long field goal at 59 yards, kicked six years before he kicked the quickest field goal in Super Bowl history for the Patriots), Eagle Nation probably said "So what?" Not us. We salute the prodigious boot, and offer Akins the opportunity to kick off this week. His kick sails high and deep, and is taken out one yard deep in the end zone.

Someone please ask Brian Billick to explain the following: With five minutes left in the game, how doesn't Jamal Lewis top 300 yards?

The Orlando Brown situation makes Carmen Policy look like a totally dishonest owner trying to cover his posterior.

And it's likely that Brown feels a lot less malice towards Jeff Triplette, the ref who nailed him in the eye.

The CBS picture of Tom Brady has to be the worst picture of him that has ever been taken. It looks like it was taken a hundred years ago.

The Patriots were sulking. The Jaguars aren't a good team. Someone soon will expose the Bills.

But right now, they look simply dynamite.

Geek of the week: Brian Billick. C'mon, coach. 300 yards was there. Ouch.

Raider fans have to be a little concerned that the Bengals did that well in their own crib.

Forgive me if I thought Andy Reid was a popular coach. Looks like there soon will be a hot seat with his name on it.

Two people who really need to have a great year for the Patriots: Kevin Faulk. And Deion Branch.

If Curtis Martin is on the downside of his career, good for the Patriots.

They let him go, he heads for Canton, but they won a Super Bowl without him and he'll likely retire with no ring.

Unless he latches on with another team as a backup at the tail end of the line.

Back to school: Jon Navarre? A Heisman candidate? Please.

Patrick Ramsey can't possibly be that good.

Yeah, he can. Just ask Laveranues Coles.

Why did Lewis go and debunk that story about him predicting he'd break the rushing record? That would have gone down as the story of the year in the NFL.

The Patriots will still likely have a rough time against the Jets at home this Sunday.

And why not? The Patriots haven't beaten the Jets at home since 1997, Tuna Bowl I and the blocked field goal by Mike Jones.

Lewis was the number one star this weekend, of course. Number two? Who else but number twelve for the Patriots.

How much longer until Mike Cloud can play?

Bill Parcells is 49-0 when leading by 12 or more after three quarters. His Cowboys blew a 16-point lead and trailed by 3 with 11 seconds left in regulation.

Parcells is now 50-0.

No sympathy for Matt Bryant. You blew the game with that kickoff, buddy.

Remember him: Long before there was a Wayne Chrebet hauling in third down grabs he has no right to catch, the Jets had a nifty wideout named David Knight. He had sure hands, quick feet and long blond hair that flowed from the back of his helmet.

Would the manufacturers of HDTVs hurry up and get their prices down to where Joe Patriot Fan can afford one?

Anyone hate Bill Belichick? Certainly no one on the Patriot defense. Players who hate their coach don't usually play that hard.

In fact, players who want their coach fired usually play like the Eagles did.

It's sickening to see Terry Glenn play well for Dallas.

Oh, that's right. She's back with her original head coach. Parcells is the only man who can coach this manchild, for sure.

Come on. Did Tampa Bay really lose at home to Carolina? On a blocked extra point?

We said earlier that someone will expose the Bills. It won't be the Eagles in two weeks.

Memo to Ty Law: You wanna win? Stay. Take Andy's deal.

The vast majority of Patriot Nation is young, and we're assuming here. This likely means that many Patriot fans do not fully understand how poorer the Nation is with the loss of Ron Burton on Saturday night.

Let's let Bob Kraft explain: \"Ron Burton was a compassionate man who dedicated his life to helping others…he reinvested everything he had back into his community. He was an inspiration to everyone he came in contact with and positively impacted the lives of thousands of children.\"

He was a lot more than the first Patriot draft pick, and we miss him dearly.