By: Bob George/
January 07, 2003

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Matt Bryant of the Giants never got the kick off. Scott Norwood might tell him that that's not the worst thing in the world, in that someone else is the goat and not he himself. Since Trey Junkin can't snap a kickoff, Bryant steps into this one and boots it to about the 8-yard line, into the arms of…

Walt Coleman, you're off the hook.

At least the Snow Bowl was resolved by the book.

Not by cheating the Giants out of one more play.

When informed of the gaffe, Steve Mariucci said "Bummer!"

Well, what did you expect him to say? Sorry, Jim (Fassel), we didn't deserve this one?

Basically, the Giants stopped playing defense.

So did the Browns.

Geek of the Week: Johnny Cochran, who wants to sue the NFL because the Dallas Cowboys hired Bill Parcells and not Dennis Green or Marvin Lewis.

Please, don't get me started.

If this wasn't all about PR, then why wasn't Jesse Jackson at Saturday's Jets-Colts game, hailing the game as "the best thing to happen to the USA since Rosa Parks!"?

Of course Jackson wasn't there. Nothing to complain about. Why then bother if there's no publicity to be had?

Besides, Herman Edwards and Tony Dungy were the opposing coaches because they are damn good at what they do and both deserved to be there.

Not only did the Colts demean pro football on Saturday, they demeaned Dungy and all the good he has done or will do for his new team.

Back to school: Keep trying to figure out how to do a playoff, guys.

The following statement is brought to you by the Acme Rose Colored Glasses Co., Inc.

I have one word for Willis McGahey and all who aspire to come out early: Graduate.

Believe it or not, it is a shock that Brett Favre didn't call it quits. How can someone like him play "lethargic" all season long and not be convinced that it's time to clock out?

Tommy Maddox wasn't that good on Sunday, was he?

Ditto for Kelly Holcomb.

Two plays ignited each comeback.

Holcomb's interception to Joey Porter.

Kerry Collins missing Jeremy Shockey in the end zone, even though his team was up 35-14.

Thank goodness I'm not the kind of guy who leaves a football game early.

Honk if you'd like to see Steve McNair lay a stick on Lee Flowers.

Honk again if, if the Jets and Titans win, you'd like to see McNair do the same to Mo Lewis.

Is Jevon Kearse one hundred percent yet?

Terrell Owens has set team leadership back fifty years.

He was yelling at his teammates to pick it up and get back in the game.

And he included himself in the rant.

Obviously, the rant worked.

Even though most of the Niners can't stand him.

Come to think of it, can anyone stand Owens?

Remember him: Preston Ridlehuber, who recovered the fumbled kickoff in the end zone to complete the scoring in the "Heidi Game" between the Jets and Raiders in 1968. That's back when Yours Truly watched the Giants, and the Jets were these big things my dad flew on when he went on business trips.

Drat. Jets and Raiders. Who do you root for. Hate games like that. It's like taking sides between Bud Selig and Donald Fehr.

You're not a real Patriot fan if you didn't wish like crazy for that Heinz Field crowd to go home for a second straight postseason game with their tails between their legs.

And all you out there with a little smoke in the chimney had to be pulling a wee bit for the G-Men to finish the job.

Of course, everyone in Patriot Nation rejoiced over Atlanta knocking off the Packers. Let's just hope you all read the Milwaukee and Green Bay papers the next day, and those shellshocked writers trying to make sense of what they couldn't believe happened.

And it had to hurt that it wasn't your faves whipping tail on the poor Dolts.

Two clunkers on Saturday, two classics on Sunday. That's pretty much all you need to know.

This weekend? Let's take a stab at it.

Out west, who cares. Go with the Black.

The Titans got a taste, and might just go back.

Falcons fly, Eagles fly higher.

Niners make Warren Sapp want to retire.

Meanwhile, referee Ron Winter will be kept stocked with his favorite beer all year long. The card says "Dear Ron, Thanks, Walt Coleman"