By: Bob George/
December 24, 2002

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Free agent WR Eric Decker says he would be 'good fit' with Patriots
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Buckley: What will Tom Brady do when he retires from football?
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Michael Husted hadn’t kicked a field goal in two years. Where did this guy find it within himself to nail a 38-yard game-winning field goal to defeat San Diego? This guy is to kicking what Steve McNair is to quarterbacking. He boots the ball to the 13-yard-line. Touchback? Get real.

[sarcasm] Thanks so much, Bobby Grier, for not drafting Vonnie Holliday. [/sarcasm]

You rooting for Miami on Sunday? I won’t, but I shall not condemn you if you do.

The Titans were awesome without Jevon Kearse. What will they be like with him?

Here’s a great Christmas vacation project for all you young people out there. Go out and find me a 99-yard pass play that didn’t go for a touchdown. I mean, these poor people who have to mention that “all 99-yard receptions went for touchdowns” might have some shred of doubt that one such pass might not go to the house.

You are forgiven if you got Damon Huard pings on Sunday night.

Or Rohan Davey pings.

If the Bengals win their finale and the Lions lose theirs, the Lions get the top pick in next year’s draft. Now that’s amazing.

I think we can let O-T-I-S play one more year for the Patriots if he wants to.

If you think Bill Parcells can work with Jerry Jones, you probably also think that Saddam Hussein will be a holiday dinner guest of President Bush on Wednesday.

Geek of the Week: New Orleans CB Dale Carter, mugging with some member of the Bengals on camera seconds after his team perhaps flushed its playoff hopes down the toilet by losing, 20-13. We assume that all other members of the Saints headed for the nearest toilet themselves.

Joe Theismann was a bit harsh on David Givens Sunday night: “If you can’t make that catch (the long bomb he dropped in the first half), you don’t belong in the NFL!”

Paul MacGuire added, “You miss a catch like that, you might as well go right on into the locker room, pack your bags and head home!”

Yo, David. See Lester Hayes for some stick-um.

Back to school: Any reason why the Holiday Bowl (San Diego) never got to be a New Year’s Day bowl game? Go look into its history, and find that it has authored at least two of the finest bowl games in the history of college football.

Ah, those Titans. Look at ‘em, playing just like the Patriots did in ’01. The total team Pro Bowl snub just makes them that much more testy. I’d love Keith Jackson to finish this thought for me.

Don’t you just love it when you get games that feature two teams whereby the loser is out of the playoffs. It’s football at its funnest when those two teams are Cleveland and Baltimore.

We keep saying “Now we’ll see what kind of a leader Tom Brady is.” Not yet, folks. Wait until next September.

Curtis Martin rushed for 106 yards on Sunday night. That was the quietest 106 yards I’ve ever seen. His longest carry was nine yards.

News item: Deion Sanders is entertaining thoughts about un-retiring, and coming back to play for the Raiders. First of all, who cares. Second of all, let’s say the Raiders win it all. It should be illegal for him to get a ring. How would the Raiders who have been with the team for all 16 weeks feel if this guy comes in, flashes his teeth for one game and walks away with a Super Bowl win?

Thirdly, back to who cares again. Does anyone out there watch CBS’s pregame show? No wonder Primetime wants to return to active duty.

OBTW, the Patriots might put in a waiver claim on Primetime. Guess we care.

If Dave Campo is out in Dallas, it won’t be because of Saturday night’s thrashing at the hands of the Eagles. The Eagles aren’t done with thrashing opponents this season.

Was Sam Garnes tipped off on offensive tactics by the Patriots Sunday night? Hmmm. Anyone know Steve Martin’s whereabouts on the night in question?

Honk if you think Alastair Sim is the best Ebenezer Scrooge.

The Patriots are 8-7. And that’s two games better than the St. Louis Rams. It’s bad elsewhere, folks, and not just here.

The rest of the AFC shuddered a bit when it watched Oakland dismantle Denver for a second time this season.

David Carr may go on to set many NFL records some day, and that sack record will one day be tucked away somewhere in the memory banks of some grumpy Houston sportswriter when presented with nothing better to write about.

Don’t be surprised if you hear this coming from Charlie Weis’ office: “Dude, where’s my offense?”

Remember him: Curtis Johnson, an unsung member of the ’72 Dolphin secondary, lost amongst names like Dick Anderson and Jake Scott. His claim to fame? Only the biggest ‘Fro in the history of the NFL.

The Patriots now know that champs fall harder than chumps.

Why did I bother to root so hard for San Diego to lose on Sunday?

Or for Miami to lose on Saturday?

“Dirty” is not the correct term to describe Warren Sapp. After that dance through the Steeler warm-up Monday night, the term would be “idiot”. Too bad the Steelers didn’t whitewash the Bucs, just to further hammer home their displeasure.

Wow, ain’t those Coors Light twins something. For the record, all of us Worcester natives look that gorgeous.

Whatever your interpretation of “reason for the season” may be, may it bring you and yours peace and happiness.

Because you may not feel “peace” and “happiness” come Sunday afternoon.