By: Bob George/
December 10, 2002

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Remember the kicking Zendejas family? Well, meet the kicking Gramatica family. You perhaps know Martin of Tampa Bay, but brother Bill won an overtime game for Arizona today. Let's watch as he gets a good foot into this one.

Don't look now, but the Patriots are a game up on Denver, the team we predicted to win the conference.

How many "who do you root for?" games can the Jets possibly play in?

You watched Drew Bledsoe on Sunday, and part of you had to wish that things had turned out differently for the former Patriot warrior.

And when we say that, we aren't talking about the game results, bud.

Arizona won the overtime coin toss, and Lion fans breathed a sigh of relief.

News item: The Houston Texans ring up only 43 yards of total offense, yet win at Pittsburgh by 18 points. Now, who in Steeler Nation still thinks their team is the real deal?

Patriot Nation wore big grins on their faces this weekend, thanks to the play of one Richard Seymour.

This corner of the Nation still refuses to believe that the Raiders are as good as they are.

Back to school: It's a little disconcerting that Miami and Ohio State will play for the BCS championship, and everyone is going ga-ga over the fact that the BCS "finally got it right".

Thank goodness it's not like the old days when Tennessee never lost at home.

Our salary cap guru, Miguel Benzan, tells us that Bledsoe is currently worth the 13th pick, unchanged from last week. Patriot Nation should be as anti-Buffalo as they have ever been from here on in, and think "top ten pick" in the process.

Denver losing was nice, but we'd prefer the Jets to have as little riding on their Foxborough rematch with the Patriots as possible.

Oh, and the Jets haven't lost at Foxborough since 1997.

Geek of the Week: Fernando Bryant, who gave up that Hail Mary play to give Cleveland a shocking win over Jacksonville. Poor Jags coach Tom Coughlin could barely speak after the game. He will this week, and the words "Knock it down!" might come up now and then.

Did the Rams really deserve this hard a fall from the top echelon of the league?

One has to wonder what would happen if the Chiefs could actually play defense.

We'll always tell it like it is where Number 12 is concerned, but there's no one else in the NFL this corner of the Nation wants at quarterback for the Patriots than Tom Brady.

You see that celebration for the '72 Dolphins, and you wish that Da Bears had won that big matchup in 1985.

To say nothing of those NBC execs who were angry that the Patriots upset the Fish to make it to Super Bowl XX.

May the Cowboys never become America's Team ever again.

The difference between Brett Favre and Bledsoe is that Favre learned from all of his mistakes early on in his career.

How wacky is the AFC? If the Raiders lose two of their last three, and if the Chargers lose one more game, the Patriots control their own destiny towards a one-seed.

What? Yes, I said "one", "seed".

Don't be surprised if two or three years from now, the hatred you feel for the Jets is fully transferred to the Miami Dolphins.

Remember him: Roone Arledge, possibly the most innovative man in the history of television, and not just sports. Thanks for Frank, Howard and Dandy, and may you rest in peace.

What must Paul Brown think while watching up in football's Valhalla? Art Modell and his own son have left crummy legacies on the two teams he created.

The only person in the six-state region who knows anything about the Tennessee Titans is likely the only one that really has to. And we assume Bill Belichick has already made Plans A, B and C where Jevon Kearse is involved.

Nothing else against Al Gore country, and with apologies to Texan Nation, it should be the Patriots and the Houston Oilers next Monday night.

If any Giant fan thinks Jim Fassel should be fired, they should become Jet fans and take their low IQ with them in the process.

Honk if you would still take Damon Huard over Jay Fiedler.

Shame on you if you were one of the fans who taunted Bledsoe on Sunday.

Looking Sheepish Dept.: Okay, so Denver won't win the AFC Championship. Whew.

How many of those 10,000 rushing yards would Curtis Martin trade for a Super Bowl ring?

Anyone ticked off that WBCN is continuing their relationship with the Patriots for ten more years? Ten more years of Gil and Gino, folks.

However, there are quite a few folks out there who wish that WBCN would stream on the Net. Gil and Gino simply need to go global.

Read the Buffalo papers, and you can see them getting the sinking sensation of "Oh, now I see why the Patriots gave us Bledsoe…"

Can't wait for when the Patriots play the 49ers. Win or lose, just to see Tebucky Jones lay a good stick on Terrell Owens.

Bill Romanowski was born to be a Raider.

Carolina versus Cincinnati. You're not exactly a plum in CBS's broadcasting camp if you got picked to do that game.

On the other hand, it's a good opportunity to experiment and hone your skills, since no one will be watching anyway.

On still another hand, Jill Arrington was made for boring stinkers like this one.

To wit: Fox blew the ball game with Arizona versus Detroit. They should have sent Jillian Barberie out there and dressed her up as an XFL cheerleader.

Visitors can win in Tennessee. Ask Dubya, who won that state's 11 electoral votes two Novembers ago with someone named Gore who calls this state home.