By: Ian Logue/
October 11, 2002

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FOXBORO, MA -- Imagine seeing Troy Brown line up against Terry Glenn.

If anyone had ever said this was even a remote possibility, people would have said they were out of their minds.  Unfortunately for Green Bay this has become a possible reality after their secondary has been decimated by injuries, leaving head coach Mike Sherman for the first time in his tenure as Packers head coach to close down the media's access to the team's practices this week while he figured out how he's going to deal with the Patriots offense.

One possible solution to Sherman's defensive woes has him possibly playing Glenn at cornerback on Sunday against the Patriots offense after the Packers were left only four healthy defensive backs -- Marques Anderson, Matt Bowen, Darrien Gordon and Tod McBride -- following Monday night's victory over the Chicago Bears.

Sherman felt like since Glenn had so much experience beating corners, he should know how to cover a receiver who's trying to beat one.

"That's why I chose him," said Sherman earlier in the week.  "I don't know if everyone agreed with me on that one, but that was my logic there."

Fans in New England are likely surprised to hear that it was even actually considered.

Football players who play on both sides of the ball typically have the reputation of being iron men.  Glenn has the reputation in New England of being made of anything other than iron.

Glass, plastic, or any other fragile material.  But not iron.

Yet there he may be, lining up on both offense and defense.  Defending the likes of David Patten, Troy Brown, or Deion Branch, and then turning around to face Ty Law, Lawyer Milloy, Tebucky Jones, and Otis Smith.

That's not to say he can't do it.  No one will deny the fact that Glenn is an exceptional athlete, he also just so happens to be a much bigger headcase.

Anyone who has followed him since he came into the league will certainly wonder if he can handle the transition, and it will probably have those inside the Patriots locker room looking forward to the opportunity to possibly get two possessions to get a lick in at their former teammate.

That is of course in the event that Sherman puts him there.

There's no question that Glenn has a lot to prove to the team that kept him out of their locker room while they were busy winning playoff games as well as a Championship.  He never got a ring, but to line up on defense against all of his teammates who won the Lombardi Trophy back in February would be an interesting way for him to return to New England.

Whether or not it happens is up to Sherman.  One thing that Patriots fans have always been able to say about Glenn is that he's never been a dull individual.

Now they'll wait to see if he's going to end up being a good defensive player.