December 22, 2008
'The Night of the Big Game' (Revisted Again)
By:  Stan Jaksina
PatsFans.com Fan Columnist

Twas the night of the big game and all through Gillette

The crowd was waiting, the stage was set

Signs in the stands were hung with much pride

And Patriot fans poured in from far and wide

Fans in their parkas, gloves and hats.

Were waiting for their team the New England Pats

Some had waited for hours tailgated with food

All were ready and waiting in a football mood

Visions of past wins danced in their heads

Some easier wins, others won by threads

Brady was injured, Pollard made the play

The Patriots won as O'Neal saved the day

With the MVP QB out for the year

Many didn't think a playoff spot could ever appear

They traveled to New York, the Jets went down hard

But the Dolphins wildcat left them beaten and charred

After a bye it was out to the west coast

They beat the Niners, but the Chargers made them toast

The Pats clobbered the Broncos and squaeked by the Rams

Cassel was making progress, passing all of the exams

Against the Colts, mistakes were few, but they hurt

And Dungy and company threw the Pats in the dirt

Green-Ellis and defense took care of the Bills

And the Thursday night Jet game was filled with many thrills

Overwhelming drama and a last minute Cassel drive

A spectacular Moss catch kept Patriot hopes alive

A coin toss, a field goal, it was a tough loss

But down in Miami, they showed who was boss

Back to back games of four hundred in the air

Cassel got accolades for a feat so so rare

The Steelers were tough in sheets of hard rain

Dropped passes and fumbles, oh what a pain

They crumbled and lost, their offense shut down

And all Patriot fans were wearing a frown

Onward to Seattle and a comeback so late

A Meariwether sack, Setmour recovery. Oh so great

The Jets took one away as Losman did fumble

That Jauron changed the play was one heck of a bumble

The Fins played bad but won in the end

Niners controlled but the D did not break only did bend

The Raiders went quickly as the Pats took control

Downpours and a big loss, no fun for the Black Hole

The Jags played strong and had a W on track

Garrard missed receivers and then was hit with a sack

Romo was bad, the Boys needed to win

The Ravens were tough, Dallas took it on the chin

Snow in New Engand, it was an easy game

Pounding the Cardinals, but what a shame

The Patriot machine is playing so tough

But a spot in the playoffs is mighty rough

Back and forth struggle, the Chiefs had the lead

But Pennington's late drive did do the deed

The Jets had trouble Mangini made some mistakes

And with that the Pats really got some big breaks

A win over the Bills, Fins or Ravens go down

Pats will get wild card or the Eastern crown

This blip in the schedule, one special night

A trip to Gillete with so many bright lights

This game was different, the fans wanted more

Couldn't wait to see the Patriots come up with a score

People were anxious and started to cheer

Everyone knew that the game was growing near

Colonial muskets went off with puffs of smoke

And then the Patriots owner Robert Kraft spoke

He thanked the fans for supporting the team

And helping make football in New England more than a dream

He turned and smiled and waved to the crowd

All the fans stood and cheered very loud

Now it was time, all the pregame talk done

It was time to introduce the team, one by one

Seymour, Mankins, Hobbs and O'Neal

Cassel, Colvin and Moss what a steal

Paxton, Faulk, Izzo and Hansen with a kick

Washington, Smith, Koppen, Mayo, a great first pick

Neal, Guyton, Meriweather and rookie DeVree

Richardson, Hochstein, TedyB with a bad knee

Sanders, Lewis and James, Jordan, Watson and Wright

Welker, Britt, Green, Warren, Ventrone and Light

LeVoir, Spann, Redd, Yates and tough runner Morris

Seau, Gutierrez and rookie Green-Ellis

Connolly, Wilhite, Big Vince and Gaffney

Slater, Thomas, Evans and kicker Gostkowski

O'Connell, Aikens, Kaczur and linebacker Vrable

Then the IRed players followed led by rookie Crable

O'Callaghan, Thomas and one Ruud named Bo

Alexander and Brady who brought Giselle for the show

Maroney, Ken Smith and lineman Stokes

Woods, Wheatly, Williams and Rodney rounded out those folks

Practice squad players were next, Adams and Price

Malone, Wendell, Craig added some spice

Robertson and Dillard completed the group

All were in spirit, no faces with a droop

Then came Coach Belichick with Seely and Pees

O'Brien, Mangurian, Woicik and Nash, strengthening is one key

Pepper and Patricia, Capers and Fears

Dante and Josh who will be a head coach in a few years

Pioli and executives and all of their aides

And a contingent of ex-players from past decades.

Gino and Babe and first pick Ron Burton

Dee, Eisenhaur, Antwine and opponents are hurtin'

Garron, Hall, Neville, Morris and big Jim Nance

Hunts, Jim Lee and Sam, Vataha who got a chance

Sam Bam, Haynes, Plunkett, Bouniconti traded to the Fins

Hannah, Gray, Francis that team had many wins

Hamilton, Bishop, Stingley and Englishman Smith

Grogan, Adams and Brock that game was a great myth

Johnsons, Andy and Ted, Nelson, Clayborn and Fox

Morgan, Collins, and Tatupu, thinking out of the box

James, Fryar, McGrew and Hall of Famer Tippett

Armstrong, Coates, Bledsoe, Gash, Lane and Ron Lippett

Goad, Slade, Martin and Browns, Vincent amd Troy

Law, McGinest, AdamV who brought Superbowl joy

Coaches Holovak, Fairbanks and Raymond Berry

Tuna, and the Sullivans, a history of so much worry

The cheerleaders followed dressed in red, white and blue

It was a wonderful sight for all to view.

Players warmed up, balls were thrown in the air

Some were nonchalant about it, others did it with flare

They exercised, ran and stretched really wide

And after a few minutes moved to the side

Coach B dressed casually his demeanor was even,

He gave everyone a lot to believe in

The players worked hard, were unselfish and humble

They focused on each game, so they would not stumble

They gave one hundred percent all of the time

The rookies, the older vets and those in their prime.

The concept of team was understood in full

Others talked the same thing but it was really bull

This year was different, many injuries made it tough

Close losses, key mistakes, it really was rough

The team overcame injuries on the O and the D

Pulled muscles and breaks and tears to the knee

But this team stayed focused without leader Tom

And forged ahead strongly without a qualm

If they don't make the playoffs it still was a great season

Many big surrprises and so many reasons

The coach raised his hand, the team came like a herd

Surrounded him to hear his last minute words

With a loud yell, the huddle broke apart

All were ready for the game to start.

The refs took the field, as did the opponents in white

Merry Christmas to all, it will be an incredible night!

Happy holidays to all, whatever religion, faith or belief. peace.

 Stan Jaksina
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