September 09, 2006
Tom Brady: The Hunger that Drives Him
By:  Crazy Jay
PatsFans.com Fan Columnist

Walking off the field, that is a mile high, last year for the first time in his career Tom Brady was ending his season not a mile high. Heading into 2005, Tom Brady had won his last game in every season. In 2002 Brady walked off the field a victor against Miami, in a thrilling comeback win that gave the Pats a chance to make the playoffs. Green Bay didn’t hold their end of the bargain laying down to the jets, therefore allowing New York to grab the AFC East title. And of course we all know how 2001, 2003, and 2004 ended. So, that brings us back to the end of last season. Tom Brady has always been a player that praises his teammates first when he wins, and takes the majority of the blame when he loses. Even though there were some interesting penalties, and some horrific fumbles, Tom Brady didn’t have his best game. Don’t forget about Brady’s throw to Champ Bailey, because he hasn’t.

Tom Brady is the type of player that takes from his mistakes and learns. He takes his worst times and thinks about them, to help drive him. It’s a big chunk of his motivation. When he fell to the sixth round in the draft he came in and decided to work his butt off to make the team. When he was the fourth string quarterback he decided to be a gym rat to help mold his body into that of an NFL quarterback’s. He wants you to doubt him. Last year when there was a rumor that he may retire at a young age, it was due to the fact that he felt complacent. Nobody was doubting him anymore. Well, that all changed last year.

Sure a lot of people view Tom Brady as the best quarterback in the NFL. But, after last year plenty doubt that he can lead a team that is missing some parts to another Vince Lombardi trophy. Last year there was something about Tom Brady that was missing. He was missing a little bit of that hunger that drove him every other season. He had always had something to prove, but last year what else was there. Now, he is fresh coming off his first loss in his last game, and he has a ton to prove. Not only to others, but to himself. He is entering the season without his top two receivers from last year. Do you think that’s not going to help Tom Brady’s drive to prove that he can get it done?

There’s something I see in Tom Brady’s eyes this year that I didn’t see that often last year. There’s something I see about the way Tom Brady played this preseason that I didn’t see much last year. Tom Brady is hungry. He is hungry for another championship. And he will do everything it takes to get one. That is a scary thought if you are anybody in the NFL not named the Patriots.

2006 NFL Predictions (I made these before the phins-steelers game)

AFC East 1) Pats (13-15 wins)*1 2) phins (8-9) 3) bills (6-7) 4) jets (5-7)

AFC North 1) bengals (12-14)*2 2) browns (10-11)*5 3) steelers (9-10)*6 4) ravens (7-9)

AFC South 1) jags (11-12)*3 2) colts (8-9) 3) texans (7-8) 4) titans (2-4)

AFC West 1) broncos (10-11)*4 2) raiders (7-9) 3) chargers (6-8) 4) chiefs (3-5)

AFC Wildcard: browns over broncos, steelers over jags AFC Divisional: Pats over steelers, bengals over browns AFC Championship: Pats over bengals

NFC East 1) giants (11-12)*2 2) eagles (10-11)*6 3) cowboys (8-9) 4) redskins (5-7)

NFC North 1) bears (9-10)*4 2) lions (8-9) 3) vikings (7-8) 4) packers (6-7)

NFC South 1) buccaneers (11-12)*3 2) panthers (10-11)*5 3) saints (7-9) 4) falcons (3-5)

NFC West 1) seahawks (12-14)*1 2) cardinals (7-8) 3) rams (7-8) 4) 49ers (3-5)

NFC Wildcard: bucs over eagles, panthers over bears NFC Divisional: seahawks over panthers, bucs over giants NFC Championship: seahawks over bucs

Super Bowl XLI: Pats over seahawks (are they becoming the next bills?)

Here’s to a great season for the Pats!

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 Crazy Jay
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