September 10, 2005
The Crazy Train Now Boarding!
By:  Lee Burnett
PatsFans.com Fan Columnist

Oh, what a night! It couldn’t have been a more perfect way to open the 2005 football season. You could almost feel a nip in the air. I had goose bumps, but from what? I’ve seen that flag drop before. I’ve seen Green Day before. Oh look there’s that Patriots Helmet in the end zone. Those guys really love running through that for the introductions. I’m sure they’ll play Crazy Train… Whoa, what just a minute… I know I’ve had a couple of cold Coors Lights but… am I seeing things? Did that helmet just flip up?

What a surprise to have the OZ Man himself under there wailing away! He had cancelled a bunch of appearances on the OZ Fest tour due to his health issues. To see him up there in a Pat’s uniform belting it out, was just Crazy!

I’m sure the players didn’t care about all the fanfare and fireworks. I saw Belichick sitting on the bench with a look of just get all of this ridiculous crap out of the way so we can play some football. This long delay between warm ups and kick off is just getting us tight sitting over here. Not sure what was said after the game but it’s pretty safe to say that we are now done with celebrating last year. We are all done celebrating 3 trophies in 4 years. It’s all about this season and once the coin flips through the air it’s time to think about what we’re going to do this week.

Not even this season, just this week. The Raiders came to town with a new look and plenty to worry about. We all remember LaMont Jordan from the Jets. But he didn’t look ready to go all 4 quarters. Jordan picked up just 70 yards on 18 carries. Zack Crockett seemed to get to and get through the holes twice as fast as Jordan, when he picked up a quick 20 yards on his 3 carries. Randy Moss has found a new home and yes, he’ll make his big catches. But when they were trying to come back he wasn’t open. Big Ted Washington and Big Mouth Warren Sapp together recorded just 3 tackles. Good thing they have that kicker Sebastian Janikowski to bail them out, from 40 yards out… oh never mind. He missed his only attempt!

But this is our night. That is our Championship Banner and you and your freak show is not coming into this house! Not Today! Not in this House!

To be honest, it seemed like this game was just a small step above a Pre Season Game. The Patriots were not as crisp as I thought. I saw too many flags for things that shouldn’t happen at home. When I double checked the stats I remembered who we were playing though, and the Raiders were penalized more than 3 times as many yards!

What happened with that blocked extra point? That shouldn’t be happening. At that point in the third quarter they were still within striking distance, with plenty of time left.

It was good to see Deion Branch out there, after keeping him well rested in August. It was great to have Brady spread the ball around 8 different guys, including one to Tim Dwight. This guy is going to break one… you can just feel it. He is a real threat on the Punt Returns! It is great to have Vince Wilfork leading the team, and the league at this point, in the interception column!

It’s great to be back to football season! This is going to be a great ride aboard the Crazy Train!

 Lee Burnett
The Crazy Train Now Boarding!
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